New VP - Tall - Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 3
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Aaron grapples with whether or not he wants to be VP. Lorraine is still trying to convince him, and he's afraid he's being used just because he's Latino.

But when Tom doesn't mention it to him at all he starts realizing he wants it. He speaks to Tom about his concerns, and Tom reassures him that while he can't pretend like it isn't a factor, it's beyond that.

He also assures Aaron that if his heritage is brought up in any way that makes him feel uncomfortable, he'll nip it in the bud.

Aaron is not prepared for how invasive the vetting is..

News breaks about Tom's sister in law being transgender and it makes national news with both political sides coming hard on him for different reasons about this secret.

Tom reaches out to Sasha who is in Paris being harassed and he has her come to DC to not only help the campaign but more importantly get the reporters to leave her alone.

Sasha and Tom talk about his acceptance of transgender people and his understanding of it. It's still something he's learning to adjust to but he is willing and able to do the work to understand.

Sasha wants to stick around and be there for Penny who got her period for the first time and hadn't spoken to Tom about it even though the school called to inform them.

Isabel wants to take on Big Pharma to get them to reduce their prices for things like insulin for which they profit 100%

Seth meets his bio daughter for drinks.

Lorraine finds out that Moss has the alzheimers gene and wants to leak it because she feels the American people need to know and also as retaliation for Moss leaking things about Sasha.

Kirkman rejects it but the news leaks anyway and after suspecting it was Lorraine and her telling him it wasnt, Lorraine figures out it was Emily.

Mars goes to therapy with his wife. She blames him for everything and says he used her to get to her political figure father.

Later it's shown that Mars is having an affair.

Hannah and Eli go back to the lab and discover something they alerts them the room was scrubbed clean because or small pox. They head to get the vaccination.

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Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Sasha: I need to relinquish my privacy in order to restore it?
Tom: Unfortunately so.

Hannah: I used to be FBI.
Eli: Used to?
Hannah: Yeah well I move fast and break things.