Carrie: Are you devout?
Emily: No. Nine years of Catholic School and I never saw God there.
Carrie: I'm sorry.
Emily: Don't be. I see it other places, like in a Mother's love.

I can't live like this. Not anymore. One way or another this investigation ends today.


Carrie, you gave Grace life, why you can't you give her your blood?


Hannah: You think I'm compromised?
Aaron: I know you're compromised. That's how he was able to play you.

I'm dealing with 20 people held up in a cabin willing to die for what they believe in. So here's what I believe in, your innocence, and that's worth fighting for.


Forstell: You're worried, Ms. Danes.
Kendra: I'm pragmatic.

Chuck: There's something off about him. I can't explain it. He's...suspect.
Hannah: Thank you.
Chuck: For what?
Hannah: For always looking out for me, but I can look out for myself.

The Bible commands us to abstain from blood.


Mr. President, we have a big problem.


You're a hell of a lawyer, Alex, but you're a lousy defendant.


It has been 16-years but you're finally going to jail, you son of a bitch.


I told him to fire you, and he declined.


Designated Survivor Quotes

Pancakes for everyone!


Alex: Tom, you can't do that. You can't make promises you won't be able to keep.
Tom: We're in Washington. They're the only promises you're allowed to make.