Campaign Trail  - Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 2
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Aaron is uncomfortable when he's deemed the hottest latino politician. He's dating Isabel but haven't issues identifying with his heritage.

Mars has to deal with his wife's opioid addiction. She has an incident at a store and he checks her into rehab.

Kirkman is avoiding Super Pacs so he gets an endorsement from a Saudi official and finds out that the man's wife is only 14 years old. He causes a stir coming down against child marriage.

A saudi spokesperson comes to speak about their cultural differences and reminds him that Child brides are also an issue in the States.

Kirkman wants to establish a bill against that but he struggles in being able to do so without infringing on religious freedoms..

When it's time to propose his bill at a rally he backs down against Penny and Emily's wishes and under the advisement of Lorraine.

Emily doesn't trust Lorraine and wants to be part of the campaign.

Lorraine is dealing with another divorce with a young husband who wants all her money.

Isabel gets to speak to Kirkman about the child bride issue.

Seth finds out he has a college aged daughter from donating his sperm from back when he was in college. She reaches out to him.

Lorraine tells Aaron he should run on the ticket as VP.

Hannah is six months into her job as an analyst and wants out in the field. She notices some bioterror concerns.

She's finally taken off desk duty to investigate. She meets Eli a scientist and finds out even more about an avian virus that caused the dead birds and could be a deadly strain being formulated for a bio terror act.

They track down a colleague of his to look further into matters but he's the same guy who was locked into his lab and died. His lab is now scrubbed clean and he's gone.

Dontae tells Emily he didn't vote in the last election and he puts together something to show them why so many millennials didn't vote.

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Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Melissa: You've been here six months, Hannah. It's time to decorate.
Hannah: Not when you don't plan on staying long.

Oh sweetie, this is politics! Even when you're not campaigning, you're campaigning.