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The action was most certainly back on “Down the Block There’s a Riot."

For starters, Keith tried to propose to Bree again, only to be hit with a counteroffer: why not move in together?

Elsewhere, Paul Young was trying to open his halfway house on Wisteria Lane, while the ladies were determined to change his plan.  They blanketed the neighborhood to make sure everyone voted it down, except they couldn't track down Mitzy...

Paul, confident of his plan coming to fruition, called Lee to tell him that Mitzy has sold her house to him.  He reminded Lee of how the neighbors were upset with him for helping Paul buy up the neighborhood.

He offered him the consolation prize of a good sale price on his home.  Lee accepted, as he and Bob started packing before the neighbors came after them.

Susan told Tom that she knew about his history with Renee, to which he replied that he needed to tell Lynette about it... or Renee has to leave town.

Gaby, meanwhile, was still struggling with the loss Grace.  She turned to Lynette for guidance, she's the only woman who can relate to the loss of a child. Lynette suggested that Gaby write a letter to Grace, just to help sort out her feelings of the situation.  Gaby did so, but, unfortunately, Juanita saw the letter and discovered the truth, running straight into the riot.

In the middle of this chaos, Keith moved in with Bree, but soon realized she is not ready for the kind of commitment he is. That's what happens when you only give someone one drawer.

Guess Richard was right, Bree is just looking for a distraction from her divorce.  Keith’s father came over later to check on Bree and helped with some unfinished projects around the house, only to get the boot when he made his move on his son's ex.

Mitzy, who left in the middle of the night by cab, came home after missing the neighborhood meeting.  Lee, who thought she sold her house to Paul, confronted her, and explained that she got a mysterious call from a man offering her a job in the city – she went, but he never showed.  That mysterious man (Paul, of course) used Mitzy as a pawn to trick Lee to sell.

There was a ceremony to commend Paul for his good efforts to build a community and help ex-cons be re-introduced to society.  The Mayor attended, and though that Paul had the neighborhood behind him.  But he soon realized that wasn't the case, as protesters broke out along the street.

As the protest continued, Renee confronted Susan about trying to get her to move away and Keith finds out that his father tried to kiss Bree, and beats him up.  The crowd though that Keith was one of the ex-cons and they got involved, which led to a full on riot on the Lane.

Bree tried to break up the fight, and when unsuccessful, shots her gun in the air. The crowd fled and caused a stampede, trampling Susan in the process.   Lee and Bob, still trying to escape, found Juanita in their car - just as the crowd attacks their car.  Gaby saw Juanita and saved her, reuniting her family.

Later that night, Paul walked down the Lane, assessing the damage and victory of the catastrophic event.  He stopped short however, when someone shot him. He is not the only one getting revenge.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Bree: It's six o'clock. How long have you been kneeling there?
Keith: I don't know, but after you answer this, I'm gonna need you to help me up.

I must say, I don't know how you got your neighbors to agree to a halfway house on their street. But they must think a lot of you.

Mayor [to Paul]