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In "Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed," Paul stood in the way of Susan’s kidney transplant. Luckily, he came around in the end and decided it was what Beth wanted.

Gaby and Renee bonded while planning a neighborhood party after Beth’s tragic incident.

Lynette tries to convince Tom to take a once in a lifetime job opportunity instead of staying loyal to Carlos. Elsewhere, Bree helped Andrew with his drinking problem.

Felicia Tillman is finally released and concluded the episode with a mysteriously evil smile.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Mrs. McCluskey: You're still having that thing? A woman's on life support.
Gaby: Exactly. She's not dead. It's like you're making my argument for me.
Mrs. McCluskey: Put Roy and me down for a no, but please call us when you have your Hurricane Katrina pool party.

SURPRISE! What?! What are you supposed to say when someone gets an organ? KIDNEY!