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After a visit with the doctor, Susan and Mike learn that the dialysis isn’t working. She’s told to live life now.  Susan plans the perfect day by celebrating their anniversary early. Both Mike and Susan pack the car for a picnic and head to the woods to forget about dialysis and kidneys. After a series of unfortunate events, Mike tells Susan that he feels like she is giving up. Instead, she says that she is fighting harder than ever and won’t give up.

Meanwhile, Beth is back home after being kicked out by Paul. He doesn’t want her there though and confirms it was him – he killed her Aunt Martha! Beth visits Felicia in jail and tells her mother that she was right all along. She even mentioned Paul’s confession to gain back her mother’s love, but Felicia sternly reminds Beth that that she has no proof. Felicia tells the guard to remove Beth from the visitor’s list after breaking Beth’s heart and telling her how much of a disappointment she has always been.

After Susan shares the bad news with the other housewives, Bree decides to take it upon herself to find a matching donor. By hosting a brunch, the neighbors show up for more than just tea and treats. A treatment coordinator and nurse are present to answer questions and provide testing to find a matching donor. Later, Bree receives a call that there are two matching candidates – both Bree and Beth could help Susan out. Beth wasn’t invited to Bree’s earlier party, but she saw one of Bree’s flyer and got tested on her own.

Bree visits Beth in a hotel, and thanks her for taking the time to get tested, but she wants to be the one to help out Susan. However, Beth wants to be the donor and says she needs to do this. Bree then confides in Beth that she has been feeling lost and needs to find purpose in life by helping out her best friend. In the end, Beth takes matters into her own hands by shooting herself at the hospital before handing over the required paperwork to be Susan’s donor.

In the midst of the kidney storylines, a couple of parenting storylines find Gaby pushing Juanita and Lynette teaching Renee a lesson. Gaby pressures Juanita into coming up with a tap routine to outshine everyone at the upcoming talent show after learning that Bob and Lee’s adopted daughter is going to play the violin. Gaby later realizes that a flawless performance is unnecessary and is simply proud of Juanita for being her daughter. After seeing Lynette tear up about Preston and Porter moving out, Renee is convinced that she wants a baby. Lynette discourages the non-maternal Renee with a few tricks up her sleeve. 

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Beth: She told me you were a monster who killed Aunt Martha, but then I fell in love with you and I realized you'd never could have done such a thing. It was all a lie.
Paul: Oh, Beth, that was no lie.

Lee: Well, this should be interesting. Two different parenting philosophies and a talent show to prove which one of us is right in front of hundreds of people.
Gabby: Yes, will it be the overbearing hypocritical father or the loving mom who still looks hot in these sweats?
Lee: Game on.