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Lynette secretly tortures Tom for sleeping with Renee by playing little tricks on him without him knowing this week. Elsewhere...

- Gaby is still struggling with the loss of Grace in her life, so much so that she has a hard time showing excitement for Bob and Lee who are adopting a child of their own.  

- Susan is still in the hospital after being trampled in the Wisteria Lane riot, still needs a kidney.  Her daughter Julie comes to visit and offers to be a donor. Susan refuses, so Mike suggests Susan’s mother as a donor – but she has other plans, starting chemo for cancer.  

- Bree is forced into befriending Beth and tries to help her cope with her tough circumstances; however, the other ladies don’t want to let her in.  After all, she is married to a lunatic.

- Renee can’t stand to see Tom in the dark about Lynette knowing about their affair, so she informs him that Lynette knows, and he confronts Lynette about his liaison with Renee.  

- Later, Susan re-connects with her mom after learning of her breast cancer, even though her mom doesn’t want her to know of her illness.    

- Beth joins girls night at Bree’s house and finds a handgun in her couch.  Beth thinks Bree is trying to set her up, but they think that it was planted by Beth.  The ladies were right, Bree should have thought twice before letting Beth in.

-  Later, Bree thanks Keith for the flowers he sent to her, only to find out they were not from him – little did she know, they were delivered by Paul’s long lost son.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm not ready to get over it. I have a lot of anger to work through before we sweep this under the carpet and move on.

Lynette [on Tom's affair]

I hope you can forgive me for this. It would be a shame, a shame if some meaningless encounter 20 years ago ruined this life we've built together.