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It’s springtime on the Lane, and the storylines are blooming again.  Susan begins dialysis for her kidney, and unsuccessfully tries to befriend a fellow dialysis patient.

Lynette’s mother comes for a visit and announces she is getting married – to a jerk for his money. 

Paul invites Beth to go away with him to a remote place for a weekend.  She, falling more in love with him, accepts his invitation. He has other plans – and Beth will not come back alive.

Bob and Lee are about to adopt a child, and hire a decorator to do her new room.  Renee intervenes and steals the job.  She confesses to the fathers that she had dreamt of that room for a long time as she had once longed to have her own child.  Later, they ask Renee to be the female figure in their new daughters life.

Gaby is becoming more and more obsesses with her doll, and is carrying her around everywhere she goes.  She notices Mrs. McCluskey has a doll on display in her home, and asks if they would like to have tea with she and her doll.  Mrs. McCluskey, worried about Gaby tells Carlos about her behavior.

As Bree is tending to her rose bushes, an unexpected visitor swings by looking for Keith.  She says she is an old friend and needs to talk to him.  After Bree explains that she is Keith’s girlfriend, the woman, Amber, leaves quickly.  Without telling Keith that she came by, Bree finds out that Keith has an ex girlfriend names Keith that he lived with for 3 years. 

Lynette, struggling to support her mothers union to Frank – an abrasive, semi-racist, learns that her mom is not just marrying him for his money, but is lonely and needs to feel needed. 

Susan turns a corner with her new non-friend at dialysis, as they watch another patient get a call that his transplant has arrived. 

The detectives visit Paul to discuss the handgun that was found at Bree’s home.  He realizes that it is not Beth’s gun and cancels their trip to the Cabin.

Curiosity gets the best of Bree, and she visits Amber, Keith’s ex.  She asks to know why she needed to see Keith so badly, and finds out that they have a 6-year-old son together.  Bree offers to tell Keith about their son, as Amber is too afraid to.  Instead, Bree chooses not to, in order to save her relationship with Keith and tells Amber that Keith doesn’t want to meet him.  She gives Amber a check from she and Keith (supposedly) to help.

Carlos and Gaby get lost on the way to a new restaurant and get car-jacked.  Gaby attempts to save her doll that is in a car seat in the back, but fails.  She breaks down as the gunman drives the car, and doll away. 

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Lynette: Want a salad?
Frank: Lemme check. Nope, still got a penis!

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