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Tina plays hide and seek with her daughters and the eldest can't be found. She did say, hide as if your life depended on it.

Valdez gets a call from his boss to come to the office immediately. Valdez leaves and so does Waler. They get on the elevator together. Reagan voiceover about an airstrike on Libya in response to the nightclub bombing.

Tina and her family leave the dog behind and leave for West Germany. Poor pup.

The pup is with Ingrid and she runs into Lenora and Rose's room.

Lenora turns on the news about the American attack.

Lenora and Rose aren't happy and Ingrid lets her feelings be known about Martin. She wants to know if he's alive and where he's at. Lenora tells her she doesn' know.

Thomas tells a friend and Martin that Tina and fam are coming to West Germany. He tells Martin he'll have to find somewhere else to stay.

Alex visits Tim and meets his mother. She's transferring Tim to another hospital and then back home to Michigan. She's upset especially when Alex takes Tim's hand and she kicks him out. 

Thomas visits Tobias with Martin. Tobias is planning a parallel protest against the US bombing. They want to borrow Tobias' car and he lets them.

There's a stuffed giraffe in Tobias' car. Tobias calls Annett and tells her about Martin. She's nervous now.

Lenora is in Fuchs office for a meeting. Fuchs talks about one of the missiles Lenora sold to the Libyans shooting down an American fighter jet. They all give her a round of applause. He also thanks Martin.

Someone comes in and drops a folder with Dietrich as Lenora speaks. All she cares about is the money they got from the Libyans.

Walter starts talking about Operation Love Boat but he's cut off by Annett who talks bout the drug trial.

Lenora goes into Walter's office after the meeting to ask about Martin.

She's relieved he's still alive.

Tina's kids are playing by a lake. They've stopped and are waiting for their ride. Tina gives her kids a shot glass of something to drink and hides them underneath the car. Tina hides too and so does her husband. What a scary thing to put their complete trust in a stranger.

Thomas is at the border crossing waiting for his sister. The woman is nervous.

Hartmann is giving Rose information about their translator software.

Lenora is talking to Dietrich about Rose and her mission. Dietrich doesn't want to give her money for her South Africa deal. Dietrich doesn't care about the fight against Apartheid. Lenora is upset and goes into the washroom. Annett is there and tells her Martin showed up at Tobias' place.

Martin arrives back and Tobias' place with his keys. He's basically turning himself in.

Tobias questions him about Brigitte. Martin lies. Tobias doesn't trust him.

Alex is at Tim's funeral to give a eulogy at a nightclub bombing memorial. He starts reading from a prepared speech and then decides to be honest and wing it. He turns it into an AIDS speech.

Tobias shows up in a silent protest with a group of people protesting the attack on Libya. Alex starts talking about Tim and Tobias' protesters put down their signs.

Afterwards, Tobias talks to Alex.

Thomas' girlfriend starts the podcast but the tape gets chewed up and ruined. The woman puts in Tina's tape by accident without disguise and Tina is just gabbing away about the testing at the hospital.

The hospital is getting all sorts of call and then Annett gets a call about the podcast. She listens after she gets a call from Mr. Amend. Tina said on the tape that she's leaving the country.

Annett makes some phone calls to get to the bottom of it.

As the woman gets closer to the border, the oldest girl starts freaking out and talking when she needs to be quiet. Their van is still being followed.

Martin starts nosing around Tobias' place. The phone rings and Martin picks i tup. It's Annett telling her all about Tina. Martin tells her it's him.She feeds him some lines of bullshit.

She asks him about Tina and he tells her he doesn't know. She threatens him.

Rose is at the store looking for peanuts which they don't have any. They have nothing she's looking for. They don't even know what sweet potatoes are.

Lenora is there and tells her the plan to finance the ANC.

Thomas is waiting for his sister while Annett is calling someone at the border. Martin is playing the piano.

The car that was following the van cuts off the woman. Two guys come out. The girls are getting anxious. It's border patrol. The oldest has to use the washroom. The other guy is checking out the back for any hidden panels. Annett is still trying to get through to someone but can't. 

The girl pees and the pee is dripping on the one guys foot but he doesn't notice.

Finally someone picks up Annett's call.  The guys leave but the woman is stopped again. Did Martin really tell on Thomas' sister? The guys are searching the back of the car looking for hidden panels. The woman gets out and starts running. Oh boy. The guys shoot her dead and the find the hidden family.

Thomas waits by the border but no one comes.

Martin shows up and sits with Thomas and then they leave.








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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You can't replace Martin.


Lenora: Since when does East Germany do business with it's archenemy, West Germany?
Dietrich: Since we have no choice, Comrade Rauch.
Lenora: You always have a choice.