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Lenora is in Cape Town. She meets up with Frank Winkelman after she gets a letter about weapons. She wants him to arrange the papers. He's not all in but she blackmails him with photos. He's doing illegal business on the side.

Alex is in the hospital after the bombing. He screams out for Tim. His girl friend finds him and they look for Tim. he's not in good shape.

Samira is at the embassy and says goodbye to her sister and brother in law.

Brigitte and the French guy are at the remains of the club. He tells the club wasn't the target. He thinks Martin is responsible for the attack because he confused Paris and Berlin.

Brigitte sees Martin and he leaves the picture of Samira for her.

At the American intelligence agency. The general is pissed and wants an attack on Libya.

Brigitte is in the meetings. So is Ebel's old secretary.

Brigitte shares the picture of Samira.

Fuchs shares Martin's passport with everyone. They too think he's involved in the bombing.

The CIA has a picture of Martin. The French guy tells everyone it's Martin and exposes Brigitte's relationship with Martin.

The French guy wants her to talk with a sketch artist to describe Martin.

Fuchs is in Walter's office. He has a tape of Walter's conversation with his mother. he denies he's working for anyone. Fuchs calls Walter's mom to see if he's lying.

Annett and Max shows up at Ingrid's unexpectedly. Ingrid tells her she's expecting Rose from South Africa at the request of Lenora.

Rose is in South Africa telling them of her plans to go to East Germany. Lenora is there too. Operation Vula.

Rose and Lenora enjoy a sunset before they go their separate ways.

Tina opens a package from Thomas with a hidden letter in a bar of chocolate. When she's along Tina records. She's the informant from the other side Thomas uses on his podcasts.

Ingrid gets a delivery of packages from a woman who is not the regular deliverer because Klaus is sick. Ingrid is suspicious.

Martin walks off with a punk rocker person.

The French guy sits with Brigitte in a hotel lobby. Apparently, they dated.

Brigitte gets a message from Martin and leaves. He finally figures out he's been duped, but she's already gone.

The same lady who dropped off the packages shows up at Tina's house with a story that her car is making strange noises. She asks his husband to look at it. Tina's husband gets the woman in the garage and asks her to take them over the border. She declines. tina gives her a tape for Thomas.

Martin meets Brigitte at the Aquarium. They can't keep their hands off each other. Martin suggests that Max might not be his. He's only willing to work for the BND until he gets Max. The French guy finds them and she tells Martin to run as the other guy pulls out a gun. 

There's a chase. The French guy goes down into the subway but can't find Martin who's in a full punk disguise and escapes.

Hartmann brings Walter decoded messages from Libya. They're worried they're going to get blamed for the bombing because of Martin.

 Walter leaves.

The CIA wants to bring in Samira's sister and they kidnap her.

The delivery woman gives Thomas the tape from Tina.

Tim is in bad shape.

Walter waits at the bottom of his stairs for Valdez. They get into an elevator together. Walter convinces him to go on the roof to smoke a Cuban cigar with him.

Valdez knows Walter is in the Stasi. Walter gives him proof that it was the Libyans alone and that Martin isn't involved. He tells Valdez that Martin is dead.

Rose arrives at Ingrid's apartment with Lenora. Ingrid is being very cold to her.

Martin shows up at Thomas' place. He questions Thomas about his affair with Annett but Thomas tells him Annett was already pregnant.

The delivery woman rings Tina's house in the middle of the night to tell them she'll take them over the border.







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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Brigitte: You want to work with us?
Martin: Yes. I'll join the BND.

Walter: Don't use one terrorist to discredit the whole revolution.
Valdez: You know what they say, Schweppenstette? One man's revolutionary is another man's terrorist.