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Marisol is caught between Jesse and Peter, which gets even more complicated when both men fight for her. Peter comes back looking to make things better, and Jesse doesn't get fazed when Dani comes back to town. Jesse tells Dani that he slept with someone else, only for her not to care at all. Jesse goes back to fight for Marisol but he gets shot down in favor of Peter.

Peter on the other hand gets a visit from Genevieve, who plants the seed of doubt in his mind. He starts to think that Marisol is cheating on him and he gets his assistant to make sure.

Rosie is focused on telling Spence the truth about Tucker and his paternity. But she isn't sure if the guard at the prison is spying on them for the circle so she tries to find a way to talk to Spence in private. That answer turns out to be a conjugal visit, right after they remarry in the prison. Spence doesn't find out the truth about Tucker's father but Rosie does. After Sharon leaves the circle when she realizes she was lied to about getting a career out of it, she tells Rosie the truth about what happened. 

Some guy in the music industry raped Peri and she ended up pregnant. Rosie doesn't get his name but we are led to believe that is could be Peter.

Zoila isn't very happy living with Kyle anymore so she gets help from his mother. They burn her curtains, which makes Kyle realize how much his mother means to him and he moves back. Everything seems fine, until Fiona moves into her house and Zoila realizes that she is only the maid now.

Carmen gets stuck between Adrian and Evelyn in their house of war. Adrian figures out how Evelyn found her way back into their house and fires Carmen for helping her. He then rehires Dani to get back at her, but things only get worse from there. Dani tells Carmen that she found her father but he was dead, something she actually lied about. 

Devious Maids
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Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Or Marisol's, those are just ugly.


Well we didn't have a choice when I broke up with my mother.