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Marisol finds herself caught between Peter, the head of the studio for her new movie deal, and Jesse, who is back in town after breaking up with her six months ago. She rebounds with Peter after Jesse says he just wants to be friends.

Rosie is dealing with Spence's memory loss and his ex wife's manipulation. Peri is trying to make sure that Spence doesn't remember anything, bringing in her manager Ben to mysteriously convince Spence that he shouldn't dig into his past. But with Jesse helping Rosie meet Spence again, it triggers his memories. He tries to run after Rosie but trips and hits his head instead, which helps him remember the months he lost. Once it all comes flooding back, Spence gets angry enough at Ben and Peri to start drinking, getting drunk enough that he wakes up in the same room as Peri's dead body without any idea what happened or how he was involved. 

Carmen is shocked when her long lost cousin, who is secretly her daughter, comes to visit her. Daniela is an aspiring singer, as well, but she has no idea that Carmen is actually her mother. 

Zoila returns after a visit to NY, still healing from the loss of her child. She tries to keep working for Genevieve, but the memory of what happened becomes too difficult. Marisol finds Zoila a new job, unpacking and preparing a house for a rich owner who will be out of town for the next six months. And it's there that Zoila ends up with a cause of mistaken identity, flirting with the rich neighbor who has no idea that she is actually the maid.

Adrian and Evelyn are slowly rebuilding their house, but it's their relationship that's falling apart. Evelyn is hoping that with the best doctors, Adrian could manage to start walking again, absolving her of any guilt about leaving him after the accident. But Adrian is keeping a secret, too; he can actually walk. Yet, he is lying about it so that Evelyn can't leave him.

Devious Maids
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Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going to lie, being in a wheelchair is boring and this promises to be positively scintillating.


Maybe not the deaf. They don't have to hear her awful whine.