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Dexter spent the weekend at a Jordan Chase seminar on this episode, doing research on that speaker and his security guard, Cole. He was actually called to Jordan's hotel room during a break because Chase wanted to give Dexter some speech about using his philosophy to move on from Rita's death.

Meanwhile, Lumen got a call from the fiance she ditched. He had some to Miami to track her down and insisted on a meet. When she got together with him, Owen said he bought the pair two round-the-world tickets and wanted to go away with her. He gave her 24 hours to decide.

Conversely, Dexter had given her a mission: gather the supplies needed for a kill room for Chase. Lumen did so, but made the mistake of stopping in the lobby of the hotel where the seminar was being held. She ran into Cole. He chased her. He broke down the door that connected the room where he was staying with the room Dexter had rented and which had been turned into the kill area.

But Dexter came in just as Cole was attacking Lumen, shot him up and placed him on the table. Lumen watched the entire ritual, as Dexter opened up about who he is and why he became that way after watching his mother get killed. The episode ended with a couple major events:

1. Chase made a comment to Dexter that made it clear he was one of them the men who brutalized Lumen.

2. Lumen helped Dexter dispose of Cole's body in the bay, while Liddy - the corrupt cop Quinn hired - snapped photos of the duo.

Elsewhere: Maria blamed the deaths at the nightclub on Deb and suspended her. The female officer to whom Deb had grown close helped Maria lie in order to move up on the job food chain, while Batista told Deb he'd take her side in the feud.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Dad once told me that some people deserve to die.


I've never been around so many people who made me feel normal. [Pause] Really normal.