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Astor showed up at her old house this week, scaring Lumen and causing a distraction for Dexter. Turns out, she's been hanging out with a girl down the street named Olivia. Her mother's boyfriend has been beating her, a fact Lumen discovers when she sees marks on Olivia's body.

Dexter responds to this incident by beating the man up and making him promise to never go near Astor or Olivia again. It's a fatherly moment for Dexter, one Harry says he's proud of. It also puts him on Astor's good side, as Dex even tells Astor he loves her before the episode is through.

But ramifications from her visit include both Astor and Deb finding out about Lumen. Dexter simply refers to her as his "tenant."

There's also the matter of Jordan Chase: after a couple of work outs with him, Dexter was able to extract a small amount of blood from a vial Chase keeps around his neck. He ran it in the lab and the results came back for Emily Birch, some woman who is still alive. Why does Jordan have her blood around his neck? The inspirational speaker does figure out what Dexter did, though, and the episode concludes with him calling Lumen, using her first name and leaving a message for Dexter: Tick, tick, tick...


- Quinn told Deb he loves her, but also was forced to come clean about his Kyle Butler suspicions and reasons for suspension. She didn't like hearing that at all.

- Liddy showed Quinn the pics of Dexter and Lumen and threatened to take them to LaGuerta.

- LaGuerta reopened the barrel girls' case after Deb, working in the file room, found DNA evidence that proved Boyd didn't act alone.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Lumen: Share something with her - what you did when you were her age.
Dexter: I killed the neighbor's dog.
Lumen: Well, don't tell her that.

Dexter (thinking to himself): Jordan is one tough nut to crack.
Jordan (out loud): You're one tough nut to crack; you know that, Dexter?
Dexter (still thinking): I wish he'd stop doing that.