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On Dietland Season 1 Episode 8, Plum is basking in the new found fame after she emailed Kitty's girls. Things take a turn when she is served with papers from Austen Media. Plum is shocked to read the demands set forth in the lawsuit. Kitty wants her to not only stop blogging but essentially disappear from the internet. Plum talks with Dominic about what she should do and Dominic agrees to talk with Kitty about what she may want in exchange for getting rid of the lawsuit. 

Kitty agrees to drop the lawsuit if Plum agrees to an interview with Daizy Chain. Plum agrees to it, but she sets forth her own rules of choosing the person who interviews her. Plum goes to the interview, but she gets ahead of herself when she starts talking about Calliope House. Plum is on cloud nine when she arrives at the house, but the women of Calliope House are angry. They tell Plum she had no right to talk about the house as it is supposed to be a safe place for the women as they have escaped people who are after them. 

Verena informs Plum if she isn't able to accept what the women have said maybe it's best she leave the house. Plum contemplates what Verena has said and leaves the house to go on a date with Jack. Things go well and he apologizes for the way he treated her previously. Plum expresses her anger about the way she was treated at Calliope House and Jack invites her back to his place. 

The two of them start making out on the couch but Jack starts to get a little too handsy with Plum and she tells him to stop. Jack stops and the two again begin to make out until Jack starts to get handsy again and Plum, again, tells him to stop. Plum gets up to start to leave and Jack stops her by starting to make out with her. She's clearly uncomfortable with the situation and Jack ignores her body language and rapes her by pushing her up against a cabinet. Plum becomes distraught and leaves the house quickly.

Meanwhile, Julia tries to convince the women in the Jennifer group to stop with the violence. She offers up a nice sum of money to each of them and threatens if they do not take the deal she will go after them another way as she has the power to do so. 

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm not going to Austen Media. I know how they role...over me.


What changes things is power.