Facing What She's Done - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Betty doesn't remember things the same way others do. Her time on the stand doesn't go well. What a cast! The legal team is incredible.

Louis Herthum as Jack Earley!

She gets tons of letters from fans who identify with her plight.

The prosecutor is most taken with the fact that Betty talked to people ad nauseum. She suggests that it's what separated Betty from her friends.

Betty saw herself as totally under seige. None of it mattered because she coulnd't keep her head above water.

She's thrilled at the mail. Someone needlepointed her a saying, "Free Betty Broderick So She Can Kill Another Lawyer."

The night of the murders, she had no idea where she was or how she got there.

She uses words like "forced to endure," as if she had no choice in the matter.

Legal terrorism and corruption.

The trial ends in a hung jury. Betty's super excited and believes a second trial will end the same way, but Jack has bad news for her.

She still thinks that if Jack argues, then she'll get bail. She compares herself to Jeffrey Dahmer. He got bail, even if it was impossible to pay.

Jack seems scared of Betty.

Betty calls all of her friends telling them she's escaped and she's at the local 7-11 and needs them to come get her. She does it over and over, laughing the whole time.

Betty has a show airing soon. She also has an interview with People Magazine. Despite Jack's misgivings, she's plowing through.

Betty's motive? Hate, pure, obsessive, jealous hate.

The interview goes poorly. From my perspective. Betty is practically giddy with her newfound power.

The boys visit. They're dressed up and very uncomfortable.

Betty shredded the phone wires outside Dan and Linda's bedroom.

None of her friends have anything good to say about Betty.

Her last friend has better things to say, involving depression and someone who is giving up on themselves.

Betty's laughter doesn't go over well.

The kids thought they had a great family. Dan wasn't a great father, but he got better. He dind't know how to show his emotions and stuff.

The attorney calls out Betty on not killing herself. And she drags out of Betty the immediate thing she did after killing Dand and Linda. She grabbed it and pulled it out of the wall.

She has written hundreds of letters to people, but she never once indicated any remorse. And correcting the Los Angeles Times about what happened in the room, Ok, you got me, I'm dead as being Dan's last words.

Betty admits that being in Jail has been more peaceful.

Jack calls her a people pleaser. Her only friend worries for Betty. She's sick. She needs help. Jack doesn't think she can get better.

Jack does his best to defend Betty, but he can't do a good enough job.

The prosecution says that although Dan did a lot wrong, none of it would have made a difference.

The jurors were torn. One woman says that Dan killed Betty before she ever had a gun.

She thought Betty would be out in five to six years. If she knew the maximum Betty could have gotten, she woudn't have given in.

Betty's one daughter grasps her mother after the verdict.

She seems entirely bonkers.

She imagines how differently things could have gone if she'd had an attorney for the divorce, or if she'd introduced herself to Linda, or if she'd never have dropped the kids off on Dan's door, or if Dan had just told her the truth when she asked if he was sleeping with Linda.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Betty: I said this country has to redefine its definition of a weapon. I said the law has to take into account the differences between men and women with respective power. Men have all of it. I said, you bet Dan Broderick was a great lawyer. That's how he could do to me what he did! Joe Blow wouldn't have had the know-how or the clout! I said, I represent the extremes of what can happen to women in divorce courts.
Jack: Ah. And this airs Sunday night?

Maybe I should have eaten them. Maybe then my bail would have been set, too.