Sense of Identity - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dan is teaching a class. He says something that must be relevant to the story.

Linda and her friends are giggling about where they should for her bachelorette party. One of them wonders what kind of message Betty would leave.

Linda shares with her friends all of the things Linda has called her. She's put up with it because she's goin' to the chapel.

Betty talks with someone on the phone about what Linda is wearing, and Dan, as well. Dan, who wouldn't wear rented clothes aka a morning suit to her wedding has no trouble doing it with Linda.

It's her daughter. Dan is lining up all that she dreamed but he's marrying Linda instead.

The boys are with Betty playing baseball toys.

One of the kids knocks something on the floor. It's her gun wrapped in a cloth. She wants to show them something that they can never talk about.

When she takes them home, she wants them to look for one of her dresses in Tracey's room. Then she steps over the heart and into the house.

That's where she gets the T-Shirt from the photograph. She tucks one in her back pocket.

Betty stole the invitation list while she was there, and Linda knows it. Betty is calling people telling them they aren't invited.

Dan chats with his kid, who tells him about Betty's gun. He doesn't seem worried, believing Betty wants him to know, which is why she told him.

Betty gets a hangup call at work. Linda called to ensure Betty wasn't home so that she could break into the house.

Linda reads Betty's diary while she's there. The cleaning lady comes home and finds Linda.

When Betty returns later, the lady tells her about the friend who was there.

Linda has taken the notebook. Betty freaks.

Linda shows the book to Dan who wants nothing to do with it. Next thing you know, Betty is in court to account for the missing list.

Betty acts like an idiot in court. She's making faces and acting like she's been put upon.

The judge asks that Dan withhold financial support until Betty either turns over the list or offers a plausible plan of where it might be.

Her attorney wants to know what is going on. She pulls her purse and retrieves the list.

When Betty gets home, the diary is on the stairs waiting for her. She imagines Linda and Dan laughing over her entries.

Betty can't stop worrying over it.

Dan and Linda are speaking with someone about Betty probably disrupting the ceremony.

Betty is talking with a friend about getting herself a gift. A gorgeous watch with the date engraged on it. Dan and Linda's wedding date.

The guy they're talking to is the police maybe. Betty has an anniversary cake.

Betty's friends are talking about going to find Betty. They're getting pagers or something. They plan on connecting to keep Betty away from the wedding.

It's the night of the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Oh, that was a security guard. Dan's friend wonders if the guards will be armed. He's heard that Betty is telling everyone she was a champion sharpshooter in college. Dan laughs that away. She's not going to kill the golden goose.

Karen tells Betty she has faith in her. They dance around the house to Neil Diamond.

It's too bad she didn't do that more often with her friends while she was suffering.

Betty tells Karen about a baby they lost. She's crying and talking about moving to California and how it saved her. She didn't want to die. It's hard to kill hope in people, especially when they're young.

Karen tells Betty the day is over now, and she'll never have to go through it again.

Just back from their honeymoon, Linda records a new message. She's Dan's wife now, so she can record it.

Betty is talking with a therapist. She says that her life is in crisis, but he urges her to get her kids back home so they can weather it together.

She's talking to the boys about moving somewhere smaller.

The family is going to Indiana soon, and that throws Betty for a loop.

Betty is at a bar watching the Notre Dame game. She meets a woman who met her husband there, too. Betty begins to get maudlin and shares too much, making the woman uncomfortable.

Betty's friends are talking about the baseball movie with Kevin Costner. Nobody has talked to her in months. But there she is.

Dan and Linda are going on vacation out of country, and they want the boys to be taken care of by the housekeeper. Betty lets her thoughts on that tumble out of her mouth.

Then she's making calls to the Dan's. At her attorney's office, she's listening to a letter about custody. Dan and Linda are citing contempt and jail sentences.

Betty stays in bed for a week.

Betty's daughter won't talk about it anymore.

Dan and Linda are planning more travel and a family.

Betty is a mess and dragging her kids into it.

Betty gets into her car with her gun and goes to Dan's house.

The woman who helped her in court is there. Betty calls her and all of her friends to say she killed Dan and Linda. Or something. It's like a phone tree.

There isn't a single person in Betty's life that she doesn't call. She ends up at her daughter's house, and the woman from court is there. The woman urges Betty to turn herself in. Nobody has heard from Dan or Linda yet.

Lawyers won't work on a Sunday, but Betty will need someone to help her with the police.

Matt Carpenter heard on the radio they're both dead.

Betty looks totally out of it.

She goes straight to jail.


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