Going On Offense - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dan and Linda are talking about Linda and getting busy in the kitchen at Christmas. It seems like they're alone, but the kids are just across the room watching as they practically ravage each other.

Betty tells her friend that Dan offered to pay for her to take the kids. But Betty refused. She needed the kids to see what he's done to them.

When betty gets home, there is a bouquet of flowers and a card from Dan.

Betty ruined all of the Christmas presents and put glass inside all of them and then sent them to Dan and the kids. Or something. Dan tells Linda it might have been a bad idea to send flowers, but now he'll take care of it.

Betty gets served with more papers as she and a friend were getting ready to get coffee to walk on the beach.

She's divorced. He got everything. She still thinks the court date was postponed.

Dan includes a letter to Betty that they shouldn't badmouth each other and all that stuff, and when she goes to call Dan, Linda is the voice for the Brodericks on their answering machine.

Dan gets to work and gives Lois a couple of cassettes. He wants her to transcribe all of his recordings from Betty. He then fires off a letter to Betty that he'll fine her $100 per offensive word, and each time she sets foot on the property line, $250, each time she goes into the house, $500, and each time she tries to see the boys without clearing it with him, $1000. He'll withhold those fines from the checks he voluntarily sends her every month.

Other friends suggest Betty stop her behavior or see a therapist. She's sure that Dan would subpeona the records. That answering machine is her therapy. Betty also got the bill for the trip to the looney bin that dan forced on her.

Betty is outside the house staring at it, and Betty goes home to make more crazy calls to Dan.

She goes over and pulls the antenna off his car and then swings it around.

Next a plant goes through the door.

She's so damned stupid that she deserves to be in prison.

Once inside the house, she paints graffiti around it and smashes shit with a hammer.

You're gonna be real sorry, she says one time.

Her deductions for the month exceeded the monthly allowance of $9000. He gives her an invoice for $1300.

Making matters worse, Linda is the notary on the damned thing.

She goes to Dan's and pounds on the door and he threatens to call the cops so she goes to jail.

Her friends writes her a check for $6500.

Betty decides to try the diary approach.

Betty is at the mediator's where Dan doesn't go because they're doing it idividually. Betty wrote a letter she thought she would read out loud. She makes a mistake asking for financial support before she discusses custody because she's too enraged to do anything with the kids.

Lou Clapper's wife, Evelyn, is who wrote the check. The woman talks with Dan at the ball. She thinks it's getting out of hand. Dan thinks she has a warped perception of the details of his life. What he doesn't understand is why she feels the need to insert herself into his.

Evelyn says to her husband, they're terrible.

Richard and the woman get Betty an attorney. It's Hillary Clark.

Betty says why should her lifestyle decline when he wouldn't have his lifestyle if not for Betty.

The attorney asks her to stop calling and going to his house and to stay away from the kids.

When Dan's attorney tries to bring up the phone calls, the judge says no more petty bullshit.

Betty pulls up outside of Dan's to see her son who's doing a historical paper. She has the encyclopedia and a bag of Lays.

Betty gets some good news but then she says to the therapist, I'm not going to be a single parent to four kids. I'll die first. She's asked if she's threatening him. I threaten him all the time, she says.

She can't apply for a nanny job because she doesn't know how to respond if they ask why she doesn't have her own kids.

The school calls because Anthony is sick. He's had a lot of colds, hasn't had a bath, and even had lice.

The teacher says that she's seen Betty with the kids and could never say that she doesn't care.

Betty is awarded the kids for Easter and goes to pick them up only to see Dan driving away with them. Like a lunatic, she takes off after them, eventually cutting him off in traffic.

He changed his mind about Easter, he says. Her lawyer should have told her.

One of her sons calls and wants to know why she won't shut her mouth so they can go over there. It's horrifying. She's a terrible person.

He wants her to stop being mad. They want to live with her, but all she does is hear someone else on the line. She's right, but the poor kid doesn't know that. Dan is right there to hug it out with the kid.

Dan had the thing recording. Another one of his tapes.

Betty talks to the therapist again and seems to think that the woman is her personal therapist.

When she's asked what kind of visitation she'd want Dan to have, she says none.

Betty doesn't care about Linda enough to know her name in the session. Things go from bad to worse.

Her attorney isn't being paid. They assure her all the time that they want to split the assets equally. The girlfriend on the machine is inflammatory, and the judge wants Linda off of it.

Nothing changes for Betty. She has a 25 day jail sentence on top of it.

Her attorney puts her on the spot to get out of it by apologizing to the court. Her apology is crap, and he sustains 19 days but she must spend six in jail. They lead her away in cuffs.

Dan talks with their boy who is crying.

While Betty is in jail, Dan asks Linda to marry him.


Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Dan: Christmas is always such a big production for her. The red velvet placemats, the candy apples, the goddamned sequined lightbulbs. She feels most alive in December. I tried to be nice. I tried to give her the kids to share it all with, but she slammed the door in my face. What do you say to that?
Linda: I feel sad for her. She tried to ruin our holiday. Nothing could ruin it.
Dan: That's right.
Linda: She just doesn't get that yet. But she will.

Betty: So if I had taken them on a ski trip like always, they'd never understand.
Karen: Understand what?
Betty: What he's done to us.