Point Of No Return - Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Betty is getting out of jail. She doesn't look happy.

She spies a pamphlet for HALT - help abolish legal tyrany - and picks up one.

Greeting her at the door is Sid Montgomery, feature reporter for the San Diego Register.

He throws her a lifeline when he commiserates with her over her divorce. He's giving her the opportunity to talk with him on the record. Good lord.

Betty has seen the sordid, degraded side of life, and it wasn't any worse than the one in her head. She was set free going to jail, and she doesn't have anything else to lose.

Betty finds a note in her drawer that she assumes is from Linda.

Her friends disagree.

Betty consumes herself with Linda attending her daughter's graduation.

She's always eating and even offers a nibble to a process server.

She just to the date of her property settlement hearing. She decides she wants her side of the story up before it happens.

Betty is writing in her diary, hoping that Dan will be nice at the graduation. He'll have to be. The first thing she sees is Linda hand in hand with Dan. Then she sees her daughter racing toward Linda. Later, when she finally meets up with her daughter, she pulls the tacky office slut stuff, ruining the moment.

Betty photographs Linda and Dan like a wackadoodle.

Tracy later tells Linda and Dan everything that mother said. They're obsessing over the wedding china and whether it's on the list of asks. Dan figures she could have some peace if they find it and give it to her.

Linda wants to get an alarm system, but Dan thinks it will just give Betty some justification.

Betty arrives at the HALT meeting. She's greeted by the organizer, who is familiar with her case. She puts Elizabeth at the podium.

The ladies laugh at her sardonic comments about things going her way now that he's president of the San Diego bar.

Betty tells the organizer that she's going to represent herself.

Betty falls prey to the judge's suggestion that closing the court will not be in her children's best interests.

That means her new friend cannot be there to support her.

Betty gets railroaded in court.

She's still hoping to find the article in the paper. Her daughter is there and laughs when Betty says she's preparing to examine the witness -- dad.

Betty grounds her daughter.

Betty wonders if Dan remembers how they lived early. Dan belittles her and all the work she did. He doesn't think they were particularly helpful.

Dan has a snotty answer to everthing Betty asks. She pulls heavily on what she did to support the family and tries to get him to admit he gaslit her.

Betty does have some good points and gets Dan to admit he valued the firm incorrectly. Of course, it's up to Betty to have the firm valued.

Dan lies on the stand about what he said to her on the day he left.

Dan is allowed to wax poetic on the stand without interruption.

Dan's attorney's closing argument is that offering her money will de-incentivize Betty from earning the living of which she is so capable.

Betty's closing argument was quite moving.

Betty's article is in the shitter because Dan threatened to sue him if he published it.

One of Betty's friends heard from her attorney that the court was sealed because Betty's a child molester.

The judge decided that Betty owed Dan almost $800k.

Someone gets $16k per month spousal support until one of them remarries, so she won't even get one month.

Betty's friend asks Linda about Betty's china. Linda says nope. Betty buys a gun.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The only thing an attorney ever did for me was lose. I can do that for free.


Your case, your divorce, might be the worst one I've seen in this county.