On Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 7, Team T.A.R.D.I.S. goes undercover in the warehouse of the galaxy's biggest retailer to answer a distress message.

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The Doctor receives a plea for help on the packing slip of an delivery from Kerblam! the galaxy's biggest retailer. The Team goes undercover on the warehouse moon to find the employee in distress. Kerblam's complex is 90% automated with robots called "Teammates" overseeing the 10% of the workforce that are organic people. They all end up in different areas of the warehouse but discover that multiple employees have gone missing recently. When they report it to management, they suspect that something's being covered up. There have been multiple minor power outages but during a total outage, one of the robots attacks them. When they manage to disable it, the robots lure one of their new friends, a girl named Kira, to a locked room with the promise of a gift. Another friend, Charlie, has fallen in love with Kira and leads the charge to rescue her. When they find her, they aren't able to save her when she opens her gift and pops a piece of bubble wrap inside the box. She's disintegrated and they discover that Charlie had created the weaponized bubble wrap in order to kill a huge number of Kerblam! customers in order to destroy the company's reputation and make more jobs for people. The Doctor manages to reprogram the army of killer delivery robots to self-destruct by popping their bubble wrap. Charlie gets blown up as well and Kerblam! takes a month off to restructure.

Episode Details

On Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 7, a message leads The Doctor and her Companions to investigate one of the warehouse planets of the galaxy's largest retailer, Kerblam!

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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane Maddox: [looking at The Doctor's bio scan] What? Two hearts?
The Doctor: Courtesy of the First Lady. Very good health care policy. Don't like to talk about it.

Dan: Mornin' Les! How're the family?
Kerblam! Man: Good morning, Daniel. My name is not Les but I acknowledge your amusing co-worker banter.
Dan: Every morning. So much for machine learning.