Gathered Together - Doom Patrol
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A phone rings in Switzerland and the answering machine message states that the gallery has an infestation and it will be closed until further notice.

Cliff returns to Earth, falling through a billboard advertising an autobiography written by Denise, the dinosaur head attached to Animal-Vegetable-Mineral man.

Rita has a nightmare where Mickey offers her Blob Lady's role and then Rita's mother appears, claiming to have exchanged sexual favors in order to have Rita take over the role.

Vic brings Roni to the mansion and introduces her to Larry.

Miranda makes breakfast for Vic and Roni and fangirls when Rita arrives.

A box arrives marked "DO NOT OPEN" but something pink floats out and into the noses of Miranda, Vic, Roni, and Larry. Vic, Roni, and Larry decide to open it despite Miranda's caution.

They find the blank painting but Mr. Nobody and the Beardhunter are gone.

Dorothy is asleep in the landed spaceship. Niles leaves her and goes out into the Northern Yukon Territory.

Rita arrives at the home of the beekeeper to shadow her for the role in the play. The beekeeper reminds her daughter to take a jar of honey to her Biology teacher. Rita warns her that she shouldn't bribe her daughter's teachers as it makes her daughter feel inadequate.

Larry tells Miranda about his family and asks if he can borrow Flit to go visit his grandson in hospital. When they arrive, the Bureau of Normalcy is waiting. They try to disguise themselves in lab coats but it doesn't work.

Vic decides, since Niles isn't around, he should try to fix Roni himself. Flit and Larry show up and Larry's lab coat makes Roni and Vic think he's a doctor.

When Miranda tries to call attention to their behavior, Vic declares his love to Roni and then prepares to resume his operating on her. Kipling arrives just then and informs them that they've been infected by scants.

They watch an info video on scants and decide to go into the painting to kill the scant queen. Miranda tries to caution them again but they jump in while she's not looking.

Cliff is figuring out how to revenge himself on Niles when his legs stop working.

The beekeeper gives Rita some advice on how to get past her mommy issues. She offers to let Rita yell at her bees as a mother surrogate.

In the painting, they find The Beard Hunter who is painted white to hide from the scants. Scants come by and everyone except The Beard Hunter goes with them to see the queen.

Cliff is stuck and Robotman shout-outs for use of a cell phone to call the Mansion and his daughter. When the cell phone owner drives away, Cliff falls over and finds he can walk again.

Rita gives yelling at bees a try.

Niles finds himself in an alternate dimension where he can walk. He calls out and speaks to Dorothy's mother. He warns her that he's tried everything and has to do something terrible unless she can offer him another choice. Tha Candlemaker arrives and claims Dorothy as his own. Niles realizes that Dorothy's mother's ancestors created the Candlemaker. 

In the scant queen's tent, Vic, Roni, Miranda, and Larry are joined by Kipling who has also become infected.

The queen appears and explains about the ooma jelly they are refining from idiot substance coming out of the human's brains. Once the idiot substance is drained, the humans will all die.

On her way home, Rita manages to use her blob-power to save a mugging victim.

The queen examines each of her prisoners' bad ideas but there is no idiot substance draining from Miranda. The queen identifies that there's a bad idea but can't read it. Silver Tongue emerges and sends bladed words into the queen's waterbed, causing it to leak. Once all the scants are covered in water, she manifests electrical energy as Lucy Fugue and electrocutes them all, breaking the scant effect on everyone else.

Roni heads home after she and Vic talk out their relationship. She has taken a bottle of the ooma jelly with her.

Larry finds his grandson's hospital room empty but a nurse informs him that the patient was released earlier in the day.

Cliff arrives at the mansion to discover his daughter Clara waiting for him. She received the video tape of what Niles did to him in the mail and watched it.

In the Underground, Jane is grumpy about Miranda's success. Polly looks worried and tells Jane that Scarlet Harlot is missing. Jane goes looking and discovers that Scarlet's station is closed.

Kipling is inscribing a love letter to Baphomet when he responds to Niles' call. Niles has decided to give Dorothy to the Knights Templar. He tells Kipling he needs one more day with Dorothy. Kipling agrees and walks away.

Doom Patrol
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Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Vic: You okay?
Larry: Not since the early sixties, no.

Roni: When you said you live with a mummy, I thought you were exaggerating.
Vic: Oh, hell no. If anything, I downplayed most of what I told you about place.