Cliff and Niles - Doom Patrol
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Dorothy weeps over the candle-wax-covered body of Jane. In the Underground, the alters prepare to bury Baby Doll and Flaming Katy.

Niles is looking for Dorothy when Cliff brings a severed finger to him. Niles wants Cliff to help him find Dorothy first.

Larry and Rita get off a bus. Rita heads to the read-through for her play. Larry goes home.

Vic and Roni discuss her medical bills. He offers to scan her to see if he can figure out how to ease some of her pain.

Cliff finds Jane in the basement and brings her body back to Niles. Larry comes in to alert then a space ship has landed on the lawn.

Niles sees the three astronauts approaching and tells Larry to tell them he's not home. He explains that he sent the astronauts to space in 1955.

Larry goes to greet the astronauts who introduce themselves as the Pioneers of the Uncharted -- Zip, Specs, and Moscow.

In the Underground, Secretary informs Jane that the alters plan to throw the "dead" alters into the well.

Niles finds a note from Dorothy saying that she's running away. A rumbling is heard and the Pioneers' ship, Icarus, has taken off, carrying Dorothy away.

Niles takes Cliff to a second space ship and they pursue Dorothy through space.

Larry tries to explain Niles' current situation but Zip and Specs chase each other past him and into the house. Moscow explains her real name is Valentina Vostok. When she and Larry shake hands, the entities contained within each of them surge. Larry realizes Valentina has also merged with a negative spirit.

Rita discovers the play she's signed up for is one written about the Cloverton experience of the town being sucked into the ground.

Valentina debriefs her mission with Larry and explains that she spent five years after her encounter with the negative entity living in the airlock, learning how to contain the radiation so she wouldn't kill everyone around her.

While he scans Roni, Vic tells her about his trauma. Vic's scans pick up tech that is slowing killing Roni and he decides to hack the military to figure out what it is. They discover that the tech was created by S.T.A.R. Labs and Caulder Robotics.

Candlemaker tries to tell Dorothy she can't run away.

Jane goes to Kay to ask what to do. Kay tells her that's her job to know.

Vic contacts his dad about Roni parts and reveals he's seeing a girl.

Valentina advises Larry to let the past go but he doesn't respond well.

In the ship, Niles blames himself for Jane's condition. He asks Cliff to go out to find and bring her back. Cliff follows two sets of footprints to Dorothy and sits down with her while she builds a grave with rocks.

Rita is uncomfortable as Isabelle plays Blob Lady. She discusses with Isabelle how she might better portray the Blob Lady. Rita decides Isabelle is her nemesis.

Valentina explains that Zip and Specs died a long time ago and are inhabited by some space spores.

Dorothy tells Cliff that she thinks she's a bad person because she keeps making mistakes. She intends on staying on this desolate planet to keep everyone else safe. She tells Cliff that the grave is for Nanny and that he was the last part of her mother she had left. Cliff consoles her and she returns to the ship with him.

Larry buries the degrading Zip and Specs. He and Valentina discuss plans. She will return to Russia to sever ties to Earth. He plans to return to his family to mend their bonds.

The funeral procession approaches the well and Jane makes a last appeal for them to give Baby Doll and Flaming Katy time to heal. Miranda suddenly emerges from the well and explains that she'd been reborn as the broken alters will be. The alters throw the broken ones down the well and a deep rumble is felt as their stations collapse. In real life, Jane cries.

Miranda asks Jane to step aside and let her be primary again, promising to show them all what Kay truly wants.

In the spaceship, Dorothy is asleep and Cliff tells Niles that he's willing to be her family if Niles dies. Niles thanks him but then blows him out the airlock.

Doom Patrol
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Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Larry: I'm sorry my son sold us out.
Rita: Why are you apologizing? You were trying to make amends.
Larry: And apparently they'd all be better off if I were dead.
Rita: Well, that may be true but I would be bereft.

Cliff: Chief! We've got a live one! Fresh off the knuckle!
Niles: What the hell were you thinking?
Cliff: I'm thinking this perfectly good touching stick is my ticket to being able to feel.
Niles: We agreed. No brutality.
Cliff: And I agreed but this finger literally fell into my lap.