Rita and Flex - Doom Patrol
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In London, 1978, Dorothy and Niles have a tea party in her room below Danny the Street. Dorothy is lonely.

In the present, the team wonders how to repair Danny the Brick, now broken in two. The Dannyzens arrive, led by Flex and Maura.

Maura comes up with the idea of resuscitating Danny with a party. Niles promises Dorothy Danny will be fine by bedtime.

4 hours til bedtime: In the underground, Hammerhead is with Jane. The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter is currently the primary.

Cliff is talking to The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter and disturbing her calm.

Flex sets up the party for Rita. She tries to hang a disco ball but her powers fail her.

2 hours til bedtime: Dorothy tells Rita how happy she is to meet the Dannyzens. When she lived with Danny, she lived below the street and never met the Dannyzens or went to the parties. Rita gives her a little lipstick.

At the party, Dorothy performs "Pure Imagination" with Niles playing the piano. She leads them into a cabaret club that has suddenly appeared. Danny responds. The party ramps up and Niles sends Dorothy to bed.

Scarlet Harlot takes over as Primary and is about to leave when she discovers there's a party going on.

Larry and Rita try to enjoy the party. Rita leaves Larry to talk to Flex and Larry says the wrong thing to a Dannyzen who tries to hit on him.

10 minutes past bedtime: Dorothy and Herschel can hear the music from the party. The Candlemaker starts talking to her and urging her to go back to the party.

Rita asks Flex to help her orgasm in order to clear her mind.

Her orgasm awakens a radar in Shadowy Mr. Evans all the way in Kathmandu, Nepal, and he melts away to join them.

Meanwhile, Rita remembers something disturbing during her orgasm and Flex warns her that pushing further may be dangerous.

Niles and Cliff talk. Niles offers to give him some Ecstacy to relax.

1 hour past bedtime: Dorothy joins the party and takes a drink while Cliff dances. Danny tries to send her back to bed but lets her have 10 more minutes.

Vic and Maura talk. He tells her about Roni.

In Rita's memory, she remembers her mother getting her her first role by having sex with the producer.

2 hours past bedtime: Cliff talks with Larry.

The SeX-Men arrive. Dr. Harrison has assumed primary from Scarlet Harlot and goes to talk to Cuddles in the Sex Machine.

Dorothy argues with Candlemaker who sees Danny as a prison.

Cuddles tells Dr. Harrison that if the sex demon gives birth, the children of the world will disappear and this causes Hammerhead to emerge.

Dorothy asks Danny if they were her prison and they admits it's true. Dorothy considers destroying Danny the Brick but finally decides not to.

The SeX-Men finds Rita's room and Shadowy Mr. Evans gives birth. Jane runs in and shoves the baby back up into Shadowy Mr. Evans.

In the aftermath, Rita refuses to acknowledge her blocked memory; Cliff hugs Hammerhead, forcing her to admit to Jane that it's hard being primary; and Danny tells Niles that they won't be a street anymore.

Maura reveals Danny's new form, a tire. Danny takes the Dannyzens on a new adventure.

Way past bedtime: Larry makes Vic a sandwich. Rita and Dorothy talk, with Rita echoing her mother's hurtful words to Dorothy. Dorothy tries to talk to Candlemaker but he's mad at her.

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Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Rita: Well, there must be something we can do. Can't you just PUMP Danny up?
Flex: I don't pump. I flex.

Wishes can have a terrible cost.