Red Jack Is a Menace - Doom Patrol
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White Chapel, London, 1888. Niles in a little snippet of a boy.

A pickpocket who picks the pocket of a cop who stops him.

There is a kick of dust and a bloodied woman lands at his feet.

A strange masked man is there, who stabs the woman, allowing butterflies to fly from her back.

It's a dude named RedJack who is Jack the Ripper.

Dorothy asks Rita to teach her to cook, and she prepares French toast for Niles. Cliff breaks into their reverie with talk of his bum hand and to swear at Niles a lot.

Dorothy wonders why Cliff hates Daddy, but they don't have time to dig too deep as the butterflies arrive with a ransom note for Larry. Rita and Niles walk into the butterflies and to the interdimensional world.

Cliff and Jane took off. He wants to go see his daughter, give her a giraffe, and fuck Niles Caulder in the fucking face.

Jane falls asleep and into the underground. A good faction of people is there for an intervention.

Ronnie sent a memo the night before to reschedule the support group. Vic feels terrible until he realizes why she left him off the list. They're making out like crazy, but he's a little concerned about showing someone he barely knows his body. So Ronnie goes first, and her body is covered in burns. His response is that she's beautiful.

She wants to touch his chest. He can feel everything even though it's metal. He touches her, too, and bends down to kiss her scars. She can't feel it.

Larry is hanging by the back of his arms from a contraption, and there are cocoons below him.

As he wriggles around, the bandages begin to unwind, and he screams.

Larry remembers meeting Rita for the first time at the mansion.

Rita tries getting to know him, but he's not interested.

Niles spent months developing a special room for Larry and bandages that will contain the radiation so that he never has to wear his spacesuit again.

Rita watches as Larry disrobes and feels awkward because of how he looks.

Dorothy is talking with Darling and Herschel, assuring them that daddy is coming back.

While Jane undergoes her intervention, the great fuckin' father takes the giraffe toward the house. He keeps checking and double-checking himself and finally knocks on the door.

He doesn't exactly approach things very well, with the cursing and stuff. It's the day of her baby shower, and she closes the door in his face.

Sex with Ronnie is the first time since he became robotic. She gets uncomfortable and peels herself away from Vic.

While talking with the underground, she realizes that the Doom Patrol is her family, and while they're fucked up, they care about her.

Rita is separated from Niles in the house of suffering where people just moan and groan like crazy while Red Jack hurts them.

Red Jack has gotten blindly lonely and hopes for an equal who revels in exacting suffering as much as he does. He wants to offer eternal life to Niles in exchange for him being his apprentice. To celebrate, Red Jack sticks a fork in a guy's eye.

Since Niles didn't run as a little boy, Red Jack read it as excitement and curiosity. And he wonders what the pain tasted like when he ruined his motley crew. Dust and ash, he says because he did it for someone he loved.

Larry is infecting the cocooned people below him.

Larry is telling Rita how much he enjoyed her movies and that he always felt a little less alone watching her, so her condition flared up, and her face melted, and Larry was stunned.

Clara called the cops on Cliff. He's so angry. He's a good fuckin' dad, bought her every fuckin' strawberry shortcake doll she ever wanted!

Jane tells the therapist that she survives every day even when they lose their shit and she has to clean it up. She's the primary who keeps them all together.

Dorothy is playing hide and seek with Darling and Hershel. I love Hershel. When he scares her, she drops Danny on the ground, and he cracks in half.

RedJack allows Niles to feel what it's like to be Cliff. He can see with dull eyes, speak with a contrived voice, and touch with dead hands. Abject hopelessness with subtle hints of despondent isolation. Scrumptious, he says.

Rita finds Larry. She bangs on the door. She doesn't know what to do!

Now Red Jack has turned both Larry and Niles and even Rita into large winged creatures.

Larry and Rita remember realizing that they were equally fucked. They should feel comfortable in their own home. Rita thinks she's becoming a little too comfortable with the monster in the mirror. Early signs of a lost cause. Larry wants to be lost causes together.

Rita refuses to leave Larry and pulls him down from the chains. Niles, meanwhile, knifes Red Jack in the neck. Is this the incomparable pain of demise? He waxes poetic the entire time he's dying.

Larry and Rita find the hallways full of RedJack's victims and free them.

Cliff is angry on top of the bus. It's not his fault. Jane knows it's not, but what's happening now is his fault.

Dorothy is crying over the cracked brick when Niles rolls back into her room.

Vic gets stood up by Ronnie. She sent him an email that says Better you know now. Attached is a photo of her on top of a tank with about a dozen bodies below.

Ronnie was outside.

Larry wants Rita to get as far away from him as possible. He's a lost cause. She thought she was once, too, but then she met Larry.

It looks like Niles is going to come up with a plan for restitution.

Jane finds herself imprisoned underground.


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Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Niles: RedJack is a mercilous being who feeds on the suffering of others. I cannot do this alone.
Rita: I'm on the fence, and that's your sales pitch?
Niles: He lives in an extradimensional palace and drops down into our world to refill on fresh pain. He's committed countless atrocities under the guise of Jack the Ripper, the Monster of Florence...
Rita: Larry's in danger, I get it. Just please, stop talking.

I just drove a thousand goddam miles, and you can't talk to me for five fuckin' minutes.