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Mary, Tom, Rose and Edith go to London where Rose is enchanted with a jazz singer. 

Bates and Anna aren't doing well.

When Anna arrives to breakfast, everyone wonders about Anna, and she leaves the table post haste.

The guests leave and Mrs. Hughes watches with contempt as Mr. Green leaves.

Gillingham admits to Mary that he doesn't like Mr. Green.

Dr. Clarkson asks Isobel to consider helping him with the out-service he's considering opening to help more patients.

Mary and Tom talk about going to London to meet with the tax people about the estate.

Edna confronts Tom about the night before, and Tom says he hopes she will chalk it up to his poor state and consider it never happened.

Tom believes it's not as easy as "that" to get pregnant, but Edna disagrees.

Edna wants to know if she's pregnant, that Tom will marry her.

Isobel admits she was unhappy to see Mary happy at the party, but she's not pleased at her reaction. Violet sympathizes and helps her understand her feelings.

Mary tries to reach out to Anna to no avail.

Carson talks to Mrs. Hughes about Alice, but Anna comes to her. She wants to move back upstairs because she can't let Bates touch her. Anna thinks she is not good enough for him any longer. She feels dirty, as if she brought it on and nothing Mrs. Hughes says can change her mind.

Daisy is tired of Ivy and Jimmy so she tells Alfred where to find them.

Rosamund has gotten a party together that will end at a jazz club, and the party includes Lord Gillingham.

Mary and Gillingham dance and Mary enjoys herself. Mary tells Gillingham that he shouldn't persue her since he's almost engaged to be married and she's not ready to start something new, perhaps not for years to come.

Mrs. Patmore tries to get Jimmy interested in chef school in London.

When Rose's date almost throws up on the dance floor, jazz singer, Jack Ross comes to her aid.

Mary knows something is bothering Tom, and tells him to let it out. He says he can't share it with her, and again we're reminded of Mary's past.

Edna tells Thomas that there will come a day he'll be glad he kept in with her.

Anna learns that Gillingham is back and she panics at the thought Green might be with him.

Lord Gillingham followed Lady Mary back to Downton to ask her to marry.

Gillingham tries to convince Mary they could be good together and to give them a chance. He offers to give her years to wait, as long as he knows she'll marry him in the end.

Tom enlists the help of Mrs. Hughes to talk with Edna. Mrs. Hughes had been through Edna's things and knows that she was practicing safe sex. Edna threatens to go to her ladyship, but Mrs. Hughes doesn't bite.

Gregson has Edith sign a document giving her some authority over his affairs while he's in Munich.

Gregson and Edith decide to stay in for the night and start making out.

Mrs. Hughes tells Carson they were mad as hatters to let Edna back in the house once she has gone.

Anna uses Edna's leaving as an excuse to move back upstairs to help both Ladies.

Bates tells Robert something is wrong between he and Anna and it must be his fault Anna is incapable of fault.

Gillingham tells Mary that if she doesn't want her, he's honor bound to go through with his commitment to Mabel.

Rosamund gives Edith quite a talking to when she returns home to her aunt's house at 6am.

Mary tells Tom she may regret her decision not to marry Gillingham for a long time to come.


Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Papa, you're always saying how we're not the owners of Downton, but the caretakers. Very well, now let's take care of it.


I'll never love again as I love you in this moment, and I must have something to remember.