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Can Bates learn what’s troubling Anna? Meanwhile, Thomas installs a new ally and Alfred takes up cooking.

Bates tells Anna that he requires an explanation from Anna about what is wrong but she doesn't do much by way of giving him one.

Cora has a new ladies maid, Baxter, who is so thoughtful as to give her orange juice, as she knows Americans are used to it for breakfast.
Mary and Tom talk with Robert about foreclosing on a tenant who has passed away after many months unpaid rent, and then Robert shares the newspaper announcement of Lord Gillingham's engagement.
When Anna turns and leaves upon seeing Mr. Bates in the servants room, Mrs. Hughes takes the blame for keeping her too busy. She then asks Anna that since she knows there will be no baby if she might tell Bates something, and Anna says he will know if it's not the truth.
Dr. Clarkson and Isobel argue over whether or not the family consider her one of them, and when he says nothing he can say will sway her, she thinks that's harsh.
Daisy helps Alfred prepare for the Chef's exam, but she feels as if she's helping him to leave.
Edith seems surprised that she hasn't received a letter in the mail.
Alfred receives word that he will be tested by the Ritz.
Thomas and Baxter start to chat.
Mary asks after Anna and wishes that she would tell her if she were having difficulties.
Robert meets with the dead tenant's son who asks if he can move back in and work in partnership with the Crawleys and slowly repay the debt. Tom agrees it's a good idea and they decide if they do go ahead, Mary can tell him. She's shocked.
Thomas tells Baxter he wants her to report to him everything she hears upstairs.
Isobel and Violet rescue a young man who needs work. Again.
Edith visits a doctor in London.
Mr. Napier visits Mary because he's working in Yorkshire. 
Jimmy made fun of Alfred because he was never in London, and Ivy thinks it was cruel, because she has never been their either.
Mr. Bates visits with Mrs. Hughes about Anna. He tells her that if she will not tell him the truth, he will hand in his resignation and be gone before she gets back to spare Anna the pain of seeing him again. Mrs. Hughes agrees to tell Bates what happened. She lies about who it was and swears on her mother's grave it was an outsider and not Mr. Green.
Carson is not amused when Mr. Molesley doesn't immdiately accept his offer to replace Alfred as footman.
Alfred failed at his attempt to be accepted into chef school just moments before Molesley decided to accept the position; but it was no longer available.
Anna speaks to Mrs. Hughes and they think it's over and done with, but Bates assures Mrs. Hughes that's hardly the case.
Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Daisy: But if it's electric, aren't you worried it's going to run away with itself and sew your fingers to the table?
Baxter: I certainly hope not.

I wonder your halo doesn't grow heavy. It must be like wearing a tiara around the clock.