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Jane and Stacy discuss Jane and Grayson having sex, or lack thereof. Jane gets a call to meet with a reporter about a cheerleader meltdown who is being bullied from the rest of the team. Grayson and Owen discuss a client who is being fined by the city for installing speed bumps for their own safety.  

Teri and Paul work to get his debt erased after being suckered into signing up for a credit card. Terri sends a letter to the credit card company and later calls to ask to meet with them. Terri meets with the company and gets them to relieve the debt, but not before Grayson overhears the exchange after he forbids asks Terri not do so. 

Terri calls Jane to say she's been arrested while Grayson and Jane are on their date. Grayson says he told Kim about it, and Kim must have done something. Jane wonders why Grayson went to Kim over her.  At the court house, Jane is able to drop the charges but Teri still needs to serve two weeks of jail time.

Drop Dead Diva
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