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Female empowerment was in full swing on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11. 

We pick things up with Fallon Carrington tied up in a warehouse. She's freaking out because it finally hits her that she was kidnapped and worst of all, by Cristal's deranged family. 

Cristal really is the source of all the pain in her life. 

Contrary to her belief, no one has even noticed she's missing. Cristal and Blake are de-stressing at a couple's massage, Steven and Sammy Jo are packing for the big move and even her boyfriend Jeff Colby is blissfully unaware as he works out his killer bod.

Alejandro finally makes the call, alerting Blake to the situation and asking for a hefty ransom of $15 million. 

Blake refuses to co-operate as he knows that Alejandro cannot kill Fallon if he wants the money. 

The kidnapping becomes a family affair with everyone trying to find ways to save their beloved trust-fund baby. 

Seeing that the family is having trouble digging up $15 million in cash on the spot, Michael turns to Fallon's BF Colby, who comes with some cash and expensive jewels. 

Blake is peeved because he wanted the situation to remain under wraps. He tells Michael to keep an eye out on Colby while they figure out what to do. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and the new head of police Chief Johnson is there for a dinner that Cristal totally forgot about. 

Without any of the house staff, Anders goes to whip something up as everyone else pretends that there isn't a kidnapping situation at play. 

However, Chief Johnson knows something is up, especially when Blake and Cristal disappear for the umpteenth time and Steven is the only one keeping her company. 

Sammy Jo is caught up in the middle of it all because he knows his parents are bad people but he doesn't want them to get ambushed by Blake's military team. 

Cristal, the ever-protective mother figure, decides to grab the money and secretly meet her sister and recently revived brother-in-law. 

The exchange doesn't go as planned with Alejandro complaining that she didn't bring enough money. 

Instead, he grabs her as collateral and drives off. 

Michael and Colby disagree about whether or not to call the police. Tensions run high and they exchange a few punches before agreeing to track the money bag to find Cristal. 

The tracker leads them to the warehouse where both Cristal and Fallon are tied up. 

When Alejandro and Iris leave the room, Cristal uses Fallon's hairpin to break them free. 

They ambush Alejandro and Iris; Fallon is able to escape but Cristal is caught when her sister points a gun at her head as she's trying to torch Alejandro. 

They stuff her in the van and leave through the other exit, where Blake's ops team isn't situated. 

While in the van with her sister, Cristal tries to convince her to do the right thing.

"You don't have to choose me, but don't choose him," she tells Iris, who realizes that Alejandro will never change and he'll just keep abusing and using her. 

They order Alejandro to pull the van over. When he opens the door, they tag team him. 

He overpowers them, obviously, and puts Cristal in a chokehold. 

As she's about to lose consciousness, Iris comes up from behind and shoots him dead. 

Back at the mansion, Chief Johnson, who was informed of the kidnapping by her cousin Colby, tries to poke holes in Cristal's story.

Cristal is adamant that she killed Alejandro in self-defense and Iris was just as much a victim. 

In reality, she gave Iris a ton of cash and sent her on her way. We likely won't be seeing her anytime soon.

Even Fallon vouched for Iris, which just proves that there was an unspoken bond between step-mother and step-daughter inside that factory. 

Michael thanks Colby for his help with the case, but assures him that he'll be keeping an eye on him.

Fallon decides to break things off with Colby after realizing she's always relied on a man. She offers to buy him out of the company so she can be the sole owner. 

This really upsets Colby who was getting ready to propose to her so that he could get his revenge on Blake. 

Blake finally tells Cristal that he handled the situation so calmly because this isn't the first time one of his children has been kidnapped. 

Before Fallon and Steven were born, Blake and his ex-wife Alexis (who we're still waiting to meet) had a son named Adam. 

When he was 6-months old, someone broke into the house and kidnapped him. They didn't play their cards right and he hasn't seen Adam since. 

Obviously, this means Adam will blow into town soon enough. 

As for Sammy Jo, he finally acknowledged that the Carrington's were more of a family to him than his parents ever were, especially father-figure Anders.

He decides to move out with Steven and look for his purpose. 


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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Fallon: How am I supposed to live like this? Bangs? My stylist books four months out. Five for extensions.
Alejandro: You're lucky, hair grows back.
Fallon: Not by summer. You should have shot me.
Alejandro: Keep talking, I'll turn it into a mullet.

Do you kidnap many children on your day off?