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Liam is kidnapped by Katie.

She wants his laptop to destroy the rest of the footage.

Liam calls Fallon and makes a subtle hint that he's in danger.

She and Anders work together to save him.

Fallon winds up kidnapped.

Anders shows up with the laptop and Katie tells her goon to kill the three of them, but before anything can happen, the laptop explodes.

They all escape.

Anders has cracked ribs.

Cristal's health is failing and Blake hops on his private jet to bring a surgeon to help.

Adam assists in the surgery and Cristal's life is saved.

Fallon has a heart to hear with Anders about making things right with Kirby.

He heads off to the hospital to see Cristal but drops something and takes a heart attack while trying to get it.

The car crashes and he's dead when the camera pulls back.

At the funeral, everyone is worried sick about Kirby.

Oliver calls Alexis and tells her she can find a way to help her since she kickstarted this downturn for her.

Alexis, Fallon, and Sam go to the apartment and find her overdosed. She threw her phone away earlier in the episode, so she may not know the truth.

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Nothing’s going to happen to you while I can help it. You’re like a daughter to me.


Fallon: Are you going to forgive Kirby?
Anders: I already have, and I’ll be glad to tell her so when I see her next.