A Fatal Shooting - East New York
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At the projects, a happy scene of neighbors hanging out together is destroyed by a drive-by shooter with an automatic weapon who mows people down before driving off on a motorcycle.

Killian and Morales interview tenants, which is a mutually frustrating experience.  Someone on the roof throws rocks from the roof and Bentley has to pull Regina out of the way. She insists on going up to the roof to confront the culprit. She has them arrest a bunch of people on the roof.

Yenko feels a need to make a speech about Glock switches even though Suarez is already familiar. Anyway, it is probably created by a 3D printer. Regina doesn't want to ask for federal resources. Suarez confronts her about acting like a street cop when she's supposed to be an administrator. Regina wants to be there for the community.

The arrestees are all acting up until Yee yells at them to settle down. THe kid Regina confronted complains about his crackers being confiscated.

Morales and Killian look at security footage and suspect a businessman was the target.

A woman who lives in the housing project where the killing helped comes to see Regina with the Deputy Mayor. She doesn't want her grandson arrested and held when it'll ruin his life. Regina says the kid tried to throw concrete at a police officer. Regina will not back down. The woman thinks Regina is oppressing Black people and should be ashamed of herself.

The Deputy Mayor thinks Regina should realize he's an asset to her, implying she screwed things up by not listening to him. She tells Yenko that no one is to be back here without clearance, especially not the Deputy Mayor.

Killian drops off some chairs at the restaurant. There are some "tough guys" helping out and Corinne is very enthusiastic about them. She says the guy working for them is George Poppas. Killian wans to see the writeups she says she had. She doesn't want Killian doing a background check on Poppas. Killian looks at a photo and says he locked this guy up before. He and Corinne argue over whether Poppas could have changed after his prison bid.

Yenko finds out that the women's showers are being worked on. He rants about no one listening to his suggestion that they let the women use the men's showers.

Vincent is still in lockup because he is a minor. Yee offers to talk to him.

Killian and Morales go to talk to the business guy who admits he learned to repair computer screens when he was locked up. He insists he didn't lie. Killian says these guys tried to kill you yet you won't give them up. Demonte says it wouldn't benefit his brand to be seen as a snitch. They notice a 3D printer and buy a $10 phone case.

Bentley and Sandeford are trying to find next of kin.

Regina and Yenko try to get a search warrant. The ADA doesn't think they have probable cause. Judges are like toddlers and like to say no. He doesn't want less than an airtight case before he asks for a warrant. Regina asks how it will look if the DA's office knew about the ease with which people could create Glock switches and engage in mass shootings but did nothing.

They get a search warrant and Jasmine is angry that they are going throgh her things. Morales says if she interferes she will be arrested. The cops find a ton of Glock switches, which Jasmine claims to know nothing about. But if she doesn't tell them where Demonte is she's going to jail because it's her apartment. She says Demonte went to get his mail.

Demonte tries to run and is arrested.

Yee doesn't know what to say to Vincent. Brandy has some suggestions.

Killian talks to Poppas. Poppas says since his release he has studied at the Culinary Institute of America. Corinne hired him. Killian says he and Poppas both know not everyone is not a good person. He wants Poppas to resign. Corinne shows up and Killian also gets a call that Demonte has been processed.

Vincent doesn't seem to care about going to juvie. Brandy tells him he tried to murder someone. He might not get out if he goes to Rikers rather than juvie. She gives him advice about how to survive Rikers.

Demonte talks about how his motto is everybody wins and how he uses his 3D printer to make smartphone cases. He denies knowing what the Glock switch is. Morales says what he did was a federal crime. Killian says he will get 11 years per switch.  They encourage him to tell them who pulled the trigger. He says the guys made him make the switches. He gives them names. He says he never wanted to be part of this.

Suarez wants Regina to help with a press conference in which they will discuss confiscated materials.

Corrine shows up at the station and says Killian needs to let her make decisions. She insists that Poppas has not changed and that leopards can't change their spots. Corrine says Killian did. People thought she was nuts to take him so he has to trust her. Morales shows up. She has an address on that garage where Mario works.

The detectives arrive at the garage where an old man claims Mario is not working. The cops don't believe him and search the garage, where Mario shoots at them.

During the shootout, a guy in a hoodie goes down. Morales arrests a second suspect.

Darren claims during interrogation that he didn't know Mario was going to kill anyone but Demonte deserved it for selling them switches that didn't work.

Suarez talks to the deputy mayor in the back of a limo. The deputy mayor says he has good news about the funding. He will give Regina credit. Suarez says no, he doesn't want Regina's name connected with this.

At the press conference Suarez talks about what Demonte did and thanks the Mayor and ATF for helping the get funding where it's needed.

The Deputy Mayor stands behind men and women in blue and introduces the Safe Streets Initiative. He leaves Regina's name out.

Regina has Vincent brought to her office. Vincent cries about everything that has happened. He says he saw dudes throwing things and thought it would be funny.  He says he's sorry. Regina tells him he'd better remember this.

There is a memorial for Hunter and Vincent's grandmother thanks Regina for bringing her grandson home.

Suarez warns Regina that Sharpe wants to be Mayor and that he could be a help or a hindrance. Regina doesn't want to get involved in politics. Suarez says she already is.

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East New York Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Suarez: I'm just reminding you that it's a lot tougher to do your job from a hospital bed.
Regina: I can't show my community I care about them from behind a desk all the time!

Killian: Any beefs between you?
Man: Any beefs? There are plenty of beefs. That's the way of things.