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Bun is awake in the hospital, but her memory is gone. Kat stops by to see how she is doing and notices the strange Celtic symbol Bun has drawn all over everything. This is the same symbol that has appeared on the crazy ladies door and in Roxie’s visions of her neighbor Jaime.

The next day, Darryl Van Horne and the powerful three meet up at his grand opening of a brewery which happens to be on church grounds. A mob of church goers and a local pastor break up the event because it is an abomination to put a place that sells alcohol on holy foundation.

The priest and his religious pack caused quite a scene.  Joanna used this to her advantage to later ask the preacher a few questions about why he was so persistently against Darryl. He had no kind words to say and even threw Joanna, Kat, and Roxie under the bus for “dancing in the fountain” with Darryl.

Joanna uses the pastor’s anger as an reason to go visit Darryl at his home. Feeling that she is one step closer in finding out who he really is, she gathers the courage to ask him face to face. His answer, “You don’t want to know.”

Before Joanna has a chance to respond Darryl’s phone rings. He writes something down, puts it in his coat pocket, and quickly gets off the phone. Being the quick skilled reporter that she is, Joanna hawks the notepad right before Darryl kicks her out.

Later Joanna puts her Nancy Drew skills to good use by shading over the pad where Darryl had wrote on before. It gives her a time and place where Darryl will be.

Shortly after Joanna leaves Darryl’s home, Roxie is there sculpting Darryl. She almost jumps right out of her skin because she sees Gus, the dead ex-boyfriend of Mia, standing right in front of her.

Roxie informs Darryl that this is not the first time she has seen him and that maybe it was her fault that Gus is dead. She wished it and it came true. The same thing happens later when in a rage of anger she wishes the fake psychic lady to choke on her money. Before Darryl can make any moves, Roxie leaves in a hurry.

Earlier that night, Mia went to a memorial service for Gus that some of her classmates put together. The people there didn’t even know him and were all hysterical. This infuriated Mia so she told everyone off and ran into the woods. Chad’s younger brother followed her to shed some light on the situation. It is plain to see that this guy is madly crushing on Mia. Their scene gets cut short when Chad arrives to take Mia home.

Kat and Raymond are in midst of mending their broken marriage. Raymond, with his first paycheck in hand, asks Kat out on a romantic dinner date. Of course she happily accepts.

Things were going great; they even get an impromptu sexy time dip in a stranger’s pool. This is when Raymond decides to show his true douchey colors and lay down the law.

Now that Ramond is changing who he is for her, she is no longer allowed to see her newfound friends. Furious with herself in believing that he really changed, Kat sees that this really is a failed marriage. Suddenly, the pool starts to freeze over and they make it out just in time.

Joanna and Penny are all decked out in their spy outfits sitting outside the mysterious address. Enough time has passed to give them the courage to find out what type of joint this is. It turns out to be a brothel. Disgusted they leave and decide to wait in their car for Darryl to arrive. A moment later, in the corner of her eye, Joanna sees the pastor in full on make-out mode with some whore. Using this to her advantage, she takes multiple pictures with her camera phone and they dart out of the joint as quick as possible.

At home, Joanna is about to take a shower when she hears a noise coming from her living room. She realizes that there is an intruder in her house and quickly escapes through her bathroom window.

Roxie lets both Joanna and Kat stay at her house for the night. When Mia returns home Roxie questions why on earth would Mia ever go to a memorial service for that creep. Mia tells her mom that even though Gus was a jerk he still had a mom and family that cared and loved him.

In the morning, Roxie and Mia go to Gus’s parents’ house where they drop off his sweater. Mia tells his mom that she is so sorry for her loss. Roxie, seeing Gus’s ghost again, says she is sorry too. Gus smiles and vanishes.

Joanna is thrilled that her investigated reports lands her front cover of their local newspaper – even though she feels like Darryl had a hand in making it happen.
Obviously the pastor is the complete opposite of thrilled and is planning his revenge.

The episode ends with Darryl again sitting by his fireplace; burning all the evidence Joanna has compiled on him. Evidently, he was the one that burglarized her home. As the picture of him and Bun start to go up in flames, the scene cuts to Bun in the hospital and all the papers around her go up in flames as well.


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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Penny: WWNDD?
Joanna: What would Nancy Drew do?

(to Joanna and Kat) Would you like to drive me to the mental institution yourself, or should I take my own car?