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The series begins on a magical fall afternoon when the townspeople of Eastwick gather together in their town square for a Halloween festival. Roxie Trocoletti is setting up her art display with her daughter Mia, when she spots a rather unique coin on the floor. Kat Gardener is with her husband, Raymond, and their five children setting up a picnic when she catches one of her kids with a large coin in his mouth. The scene cuts to Joanna Frankel and her best friend Penny walking around the festival. Out of nowhere, a coin lands on Joanna's head. She picks it up and suddenly has the urge to throw the coin in the town's historic fountain; leaving Penny bewildered by her sudden loss of attention.

The three women inexplicably meet at the fountain all with wishes in their hearts and simultaneously throw their new found coins into the fountain. Meanwhile, the head of the Eastwick Historical Society, Bun, is telling a story to a bunch of children when a swarm of ants crawl up her legs! Bun is in such shock that she ends up having a stroke and is sent to the hospital. All three women happen to meet at the hospital and Roxie extends an olive branch by inviting them to her house for drinks later that night.

At Roxie's house, with dirty martinis in hand each woman tells their hearts desires. Kat wants something to change, something big...someone to be able to take care of her. Roxie desires someone who gets her, someone who is dark, mysterious and great in bed. Joanna feels as though she is always left wanting and never getting anything. She longs to be loved by her affection, Will. They all toast to their dreams coming true.

Roxie wakes up the next morning with a premonition of a strange man in her store. When she gets to work, like déjà vous, the man is there and invites her to accompany him to Mr. Van Horne's mansion. Within minutes of meeting Darryl, he offers her fifty grand to make a sculpture of him and undresses to seduce her into the bed room. Shocked, Roxie defends her morals and leaves.

Things are still the same as they always are for Joanna at work. Penny is mad that she sold her out on their movie night and her boss will not give her the time of day. He does inform her that a new man, Mr. Van Horne, just bought the historical mansion and the company paper. On her lunch break, Joanna bumps into Darryl Van Horne and he invites her to dinner so that she could write a story on him.  As inquisitive as she is, she gladly accepts. During dinner, Darryl informs Joanna of her powers to render a man helpless just by staring into his eyes. This is a magical power that Joanna should use and harness. The next morning she tries it not only on her boss, who gives her a promotion, but on a co-worker who gladly hands over the last powdered doughnut. Finally, for the first time in her life, Joanna gets whatever she wants.

That night, the three women meet for dinner and Darryl shows up with a unusual bottle of water. It is ancient water from the wells of Eastwick - strangely enough, the women get "drunk" off of it and all run into the fountain to dance and play. Raymond is furious to see Kat acting this way and forbids her to hang out with her new friends. Seeing her children gawking, Kat decides to leave. Once the children are in bed, Raymond explodes on Kat with fury and anger. Kat finally stands up to the schmuck and fights back with lightning - literally, he gets struck by lightning bolts.

At the hospital Raymond realizes that there is something very different with his wife. Before he could accuse her of being anything, Kat interrupts him and demands a divorce. Raymond gladly accepts stating that it is now a war.

On the drive home Roxie has another premonition that her daughter Mia is getting raped in the park. Sure enough, Roxie and Darryl get to the scene of the crime just in time to save her daughter. Feeling gratitude for Darryl she kisses him, but then slaps him. This repeats and Darryl leaves alone and rather confused.

The next morning Roxie has another premonition of a mysterious man in her store with a knife to her chest. He is about to kill her when she wakes up. Troubled by the dream, Roxie calls Joanna who helps calm her down. Just as her nerves begin to pass, the unknown man walks into her store with a happy grin on his face.

Ending the series premiere, Joanna uses her powers again to get a raise from her boss and a kiss from her crush; Will. As Joanna and Will begin to kiss, Joanna pulls away because she realizes that as much as she wants it to happen, she wants Will to want her on his own free "will'..


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Eastwick Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sometimes I wish I could meet someone who got me, you know? Someone dark and dangerous and exciting, who moves here in a cloud of scandal. And everywhere he goes, he stirs up sex and trouble. And he's got a really huge... (gasps) appreciation for art.


(voiceover) Sometimes, those with the most powerful abilities are hiding in the most unlikely places.