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When a mobsters sons is murdered, Bell brings in Sherlock and Watson to investigate the case. Watson is especially thrilled being that she grew up reading about mobsters. They are taken around New York to find suspects and discover that someone is trying to start a mob war. That someone is one of most successful cops in all of New York City who also happens to be a mob plant.

Bell is still short with Sherlock as he blames him for his injury. Sherlock believes that Bell is not living up to his potential at his new job being an analyst. After the both of them hash it out and say what needs to be said, Bell helps them figure out that his new boss is behind the whole ordeal.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

[To Bell] I have faith in you! I have faith in your perseverance!


I am not a deranged lunatic, but by all means, keep pushing me