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Leland Frisk, a relocation expert, is poisoned with cyanide. Frisk also had a secret history as a contract killer. Information on slimy pharmaceutical executive Cal Medina was missing from Frisk's office. But Medina has an alibi for the night Frisk was killed, a politician who is in his pocket. Sherlock feels that solving an unsolved murder from four years ago will get them closer to Frisk's killer. Joan's application for adoption was rejected because she missed two appointments that her lawyer got wrong. Joan didn't tell Sherlock because she doesn't want him breaking into her lawyer's office. Sherlock found a researcher that had been killed in 2014, who he deduces was killed by Frisk at Medina's behest. A wine glass proved that Medina was framed for Frisk's murder. The glass with Medina's fingerprint was stolen by Frisk, who apparently poisoned himself. Sherry Lennox, Frisk's assistant, bought the wine Frisk had used to kill himself. Frisk wanted Medina to be arrested for the murder of the researcher, which wasn't done by Frisk. He did that for Sherry, whose son has cystic fibrosis, the drug for which Medina has made hideously expensive. If Medina was jailed, his company would lower the price of the drug, which would benefit Sherry's son. Sherlock introduces Joan to King Wilhelm, monarch of Bohemia. Joan's shady lawyer Gary was helping Wilhelm's son adopt 18 adults and selling them titles. Gregson and Marcus bring in Medina. They found the assassin Medina hired to kill the researcher in 2014. They had leaked word that Medina was going to turn on him, and he came to town to kill Medina. So either the FBI or Pittsburgh police is going to arrest Medina. Joan uses a document from King Wilhelm to get Gary to call the adoption agency before she fires him. 

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

OK. So who do we think hit the hitman?


The man in the next room is one of the most prolific contract killers in history.