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David Horowitz comes to see Sherlock about his brother Norman's predictions. Since Norman's death from a drug overdose, he has correctly predicted three deaths. Norman has predicted Sherlock's death in three days. Norman believed in simulation theory, that everyone is living in a video game created by God. Another believer in the theory was Henry Baskerville, a millionaire Sherlock and Joan had saved. He gives them a list of crazy believers to check out. Sherlock gives her a copy of his will, in which she gets everything. When Joan checks Sherlock's brokerage account, she discovers Sherlock has been robbed, and he has a good idea who did it. A tape of the most recent death showed that the woman jumped to her death. Six news vans are parked in front of David's house. Someone has leaked the story to local channels, and Sherlock suspect it's Norman's co-conspirator. Sherlock gets a reporter to reveal her anonymous source. Sherlock gets a delivery of gold, reimbursement from his father's lawyer for the money he'd stolen from Sherlock. Marcus rescues Terry Weaver, who tried to hang himself ahead of Norman's prediction. Weaver denies he was Norman's helper. He thinks he's inside a simulation. Weaver said Norman said he was working on his masterpiece. Joan finds a shredded copy of Norman's book. Baskerville bought a copy of Norman's book from David for $4 million. David and Liz fled before the police got there. Gregson suggests that Norman may have been murdered as well. Sherlock figured out that Liz's brother was an importer, and they would be escaping on his ship. Also, they used a drug from Columbia to render the murder victims highly suggestible. Sherlock revised his will, giving most of it away to charities in Joan's name. 

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Norman thought most people were just background characters in a video game.


Someone is killing those people as your brother predicted.

Sherlock [to David]