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Odin has developed a program that can predict future crimes. He wants help from Sherlock and Joan to refine his system. Carla Whitmark, a cop on medical leave, calls Marcus because his son Davis, who has PTSD, is missing. Marcus thinks Davis has built a sniper rifle. Sherlock takes Odin's program to Agent McNally at the NSA. Joan is working with Marcus to find Davis. Davis is producing and starring in porn. Sherlock is able to pinpoint Davis's rooftop location from his voicemail. Someone is blackmailing him about the porn and wanted him to shoot up a room to scare somebody. The room was rented by a security firm to stash a client, a boxer, Baron Wright. The firm moved Baron but the agents and Baron were ambushed and killed. McNally wants Sherlock to get Odin on tape talking about his program. Baron's mother's house had been broken into and some of his medical records and scrapbooks were stolen. The killer is trying to cash in on a coffee estate in Guatemala. Sherlock meets with Odin again and agrees to work with him on his terms. Odin counters that he'll send the next candidate for execution to Sherlock to research, as a test. Marcus and Joan meet with the executor for the coffee-bean estate. Afterward, Joan thinks she knows where to find an unborn heir to the estate. Joan suspects the encrinologist's assistant was behind Baron's death. She is pregnant with Baron's baby, who would be the heir to the coffee fortune. So she killed Baron and his bodyguards and stole the evidence afterward. Marcus is going to get a blood test on her baby. Sherlock realizes McNally is part of Odin's organization. McNally threatens everyohe who Sherlock cares for if he gets in Odin's way. Sherlock lies to Joan. 

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Nice penmanship.

Agent McNally [to Sherlock]

No one is on their best behavior on line.

Joan [to Sherlock]