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Tip is going to jump off a bridge because of what happened to Jack. She's accosted by a solider who is going to take her somewhere.

Lucas and Dorothy are walking through a forest. They don't know where they're going. Someone is watching them. They flirt some more, but then a young girl comes out and grabs onto Lucas.

Eamonn is burning down a village when his men come across something strange.

The Wizard decides to seek Anna's counsel. He takes her out of prison to get to work.

Jane is working on Jack. Is he our tinman?

Tip is being taken to a castle.It's Glinda's castle.

Dorothy and Lucas try to talk to the girl, but she doesn't understand them. Dorothy decides to walk into the village to see if the girl is lost.

Jane tells Jack they saved his life. It's the Tin Man.

Dorothy walks into the village alone. Lucas and Toto stay behind. The girl has earplugs in her ears that help dim the sound. 

The Wizard admits to Anna that he can't bring the Giants back to life. She tells him they wouldn't be able to kill The Beast Forever anyway. She thinks the beast will come from the sky. It'll have a heart, brains, and strength.

Jane is working with Jack to get him moving. They gave him a tin heart. One that will never break.

Glinda is talking to his young charges who will become part of the Wizard's young counsel. Tip is having issues and Glinda goes to talk to her to try to calm her down.

West shows up. She wants Tip for her brothel.

Dorothy asks the villagers if they know who the girl belongs to. The guardians/parents come to get her. Dorothy wants to see Sylvie's home.

Eamonn and friends are headed towards the village. Dorothy doesn't like the look of her house. Lucas comes for Dorothy, but she's being a hard head and goes back to get Sylvie because she doesn't believe those were her parents.

Dorothy tells Lucas to take off his clothes.

Glinda and West argue about Tip. They let Tip decide where she wants to go.

Tip: "So you say my only choices as a girl is nun or whore?"

West: Did I mention we sleep in?

Jack is visited by a masked girl. 

The Wizard visits the village that Eamonn burned. He had it burned because of magic. Anna goes to the house that has the orb thingy. she touches it and it explodes and disappears. Is Ana dead from the blast?

Dorothy is wearing Lucas's clothes. She goes back to Sylvie's house. Sylvie is shaking. Her parents have turned to statues. Dorothy has to break the statues to free Sylvie.

Anna is alive. The Wizard is tending to her. He has a crush.

Anna: I chose this path. Service over pleasure. And I cannot stray.

Tip is in a bath. She feels herself, hoping her girl will disappear. There's another girl in the bath with her. Tip has chosen to go with West.

Eamonn finds Dorothy.

Jane is going to take Jack on a trip.

Tip tells West she wants her magic. So Tip sees a way out of being a girl. 

The Wizard is asking the village manager questions about the orb. He says the beast comes to cleanse and purify.

Eamonn sees Lucas's sword. He wants to know where Lucas is. Dorothy pulls the gun and shoots it into the air. Eamonn follows because he knows Lucas and she shoots him in the heart.

Jane takes Jack to see Princess Ev. Turns out Jane is a slave. He's going to stay with the Princess Ev. She now owns him.

Dorothy talks about Kansas. Pulls out an iPhone and plays music for Lucas. 

The villager tells his people to let science rule the day and bans magic.

The Wizard takes care of Anna.

Lucas and Dorothy kiss.

In the morning they here footsteps and run, but Lucas is too late. Eomann catches him. Dorothy has no clue as she's still running. But then she gets knocked out by a boomerang thrown by Ojo.

Where's Toto during all this?




Emerald City
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Emerald City Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tip: So you're saying my only choice as a girl is as a nun or whore?
West: Did I mention we sleep in?

I chose this path. Service over pleasure. And I cannot stray.