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Emily is secretly meeting up with Piper in her mind through virtual reality. 

She wants to win the girl over with carnival rides, cotton candy, and ice cream, but Piper isn't into it. 

She sees through Emily's lies and refuses to accept Emily's claims that she's "her real mom."

This frustrates Emily, who wants nothing more than to make Piper love her. 

She forces Alan Wilkins, the man Jo and Benny found previously, to write some code so that she could manually reprogram Piper's memories. 

Wilkins refuses, but when Emily threatens to kill his wife, he reconsiders. 

Everyone is still mad at Jo for keeping secrets about Piper while Mia is mad that Alex made her move out for her own "safety."Jo 

Jo takes Piper to work with her and when Piper begins talking about Emily, she gets concerned since at no point could Emily and Piper have met or communicated. 

When Piper says Emily's been telling her stuff through her dreams, Jo realizes that they've been helping the enemy the whole time. 

Everything Emily has ever given them has been to help herself. 

Jo visits Richard Kindred to get information on where Emily could be. She realizes that the only reason why someone would go to prison for another person is if they were protecting their daughter. 

Kindred doesn't refute the claims and tells Jo that his daughter is unwell. 

But even so, he isn't interested in turning her in. 

After Wilkins uses Piper's interface to send a message to Jo, Jo and Benny look through all of Kindred's properties in search of where she could be hiding with Wilkins. 

Meanwhile, Chris checks up on Wilkins' wife and realizes that she's being held hostage. 

He breaks in and saves her from the assailant, and her intel leads them to find Alan. 

Alan informs Jo that she's too late because he's already reprogrammed Piper to recognize Emily in place of Jo. 

And he's not lying. Piper no longer remembers Jo and feels like Emily is her mother. 

When she comes to the door, Piper willingly wants to leave with her despite objections from Ed and Benny. 

When Emily tells Piper that Benny is hurting her, Piper knocks him unconscious. 

Alex and Mia arrive just in time and attempt to thwart Emily's kidnapping mission. 

Piper is conflicted, but reprograms herself by restoring all of her previous memories and willingly staying behind with Alex. 

Jo refuses to let Wilkins destroy or reboot Piper because she still believes there's something human in her. 

Everything seems right in the world again, except Emily is distraught and hurting. 

She calls Kindred in prison to inform him that she lost Piper. 

He assures her that they'll move on from this, but she tells him she doesn't want him to keep cleaning up her messes and the security guard proceeds to strangle him. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Emily: She's not doing what she's supposed to do.
Alan: Which is what?
Emily: Love me.
Alan: You're nuts.

Kindred: It's a thing she cares about.
Jo: And you abandoned her for what? Money. Is that what you care about?