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Ahead of the IPO, Lucious is looking to keep Empire relevant in the public and he wants Hakeem to make more music. Meanwhile, rapper Titan, who is aligned with a rival label, gets into trouble and goes to jail. Lucious sees this an an opportunity to poach him from the other label. 

Lucious and Anika meet with Titan's manager but a drive-by shooting leaves them nervous.

Cookie meets with Titan's mother and finds out he is a member of the Nation of Islam. This turns Lucious off, as his father was murdered by the Nation.

After deciding he won't go after Titan, Lucious is visited by old partner Billy Baretti, who manages Titan. Baretti threatens Lucious with revealing his secrets if he decides to take Empire public. And in return, Lucious follows through with taking Titan.

Elsewhere, Cookie becomes Tianna's manager and she and Hakeem stage a duet.

Jamal and Michael move to a seedy area of town, as Jamal still refuses help from his family. He also struggles with a case of writer's block, but has a breakthrough while out roaming the streets.

Detective Walker questions Lucious about his whereabouts the night of Bunkie's murder and Andre covers for him. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

This race between you and Jamal? It's yours to lose. Prove to me that you as bad as Titan. That's all I want.

Lucious [to Hakeem]

What I want is for everyone to be talking about Empire until this IPO is launched. What I want is everyone talking about Hakeem. What I want most of all is for you to put donkey kong in a barrel and get the hell out of my office.