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Hakeem and Tiana continue their relationship, but it's revealed that Tiana also has a girlfriend.

Hakeem pitches his new music video to Lucious and Lucious asks Andre to find the money to get the video made. Rhonda informs Andre about Tiana's girlfriend and takes a picture of the two of them kissing.

Later at the video shoot, Rhonda sends the picture blast viral causing Hakeem to become upset. He is only calmed down by Lucious.

Andre plants the seeds in Hakeem's buddies minds that Jamal is in the recording studio and has a lot of valuables, prompting them to go there and attempt to rob him. The attempted robbery leaves with one of the engineers shot and Jamal blaming Hakeem.

Cookie testifies in front of a grand jury and names Frank Gathers as the gunman of a buyer she was making a deal with back in the day. After the trial, Cookie fears retaliation and she is spooked when a single rose shows up her doorstep, believing it to be a threat.

She travels to Philadelphia to visit her sister and they meet up with an old friend who confirms that leaving roses sounds like Teddy McNally's calling card. Cookies asks him to take care of the problem.

Later, Lucious visits Cookie and informs her that he left her the rose to commemorate their anniversary. Cookie calls to try and stop the execution but it is too late.

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Empire Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tyree, that's you? You take care of my baby boy, okay? If not, I'm holding. Name's Cookie. Ask about me.


Lucious: You know, I am going to fight this thing, this disease, with everything I've got. But whatever happens, however long I've got left on this planet, I'm gonna make the most of it. Will you marry me?
Anika: Oh my God! Yes! Yes!