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Cookie wants to find someone who can lead the charge with Empire's 20-for-20, but she quickly learns that her sons want to win the whole thing. 

With Empire's best duking it out for the honor, Lucious realized he did not like the way Cookie was speaking to anyone. Cookie claimed that Lucious was the old mean person and Cookie took his place. 

Lucious eventually left because he could not get to grips with hurting people. 

Anika turned to Angelo after the Lyon family turned on her, and she served them with papers to say she was applying for sole custody of Bella. 

Diana continued her tirade of terror against the family and planted a story about Lucious faking his condition to the media. 

Andre was upset one year after Rhonda's death and the FBI woman appeared to take his mind off it, but did she have an ulterior motive?


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Empire Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm going to be a better man than he was. I'm going to make it up to you for everything he did wrong.


You a beat jacker? Get the hell off my stage.