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Lucious has to tell Cookie the truth about Tracy. 

In the process, he finds himself going up against an old foe. Kingsley makes a plan to destroy Empire. 

However, Kai steps in to help Lucious and Andre find the person responsible for leaking all the information. 

There's a link to Kingsley. Kai tries to reason with the man, and when he fails, Andre holds him out a window and threatens to throw him to his death. 

The man tells the truth and gives them the hard drive. Lucious gets Kingsley to sign the firm back over to him and he does so. 

Kingsley later shows up at the company and taunts Lucious by deleting some of his master copies. 

But Lucious admits he had a terrible upbringing as well and said that they had a lot more in common than they think. 

Cookie visits Tracy and asks what really happened. Tracy says that Lucious and Cookie made their money by getting people hooked on drugs. 

That had an effect on Cookie as she set out to prove to Lucious they needed to change their ways. 

Lucious declined. 

Andre passed out at the wheel after driving his car. 

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