On Empire Season 3 Episode 6, Empire has been hacked, as the hacker takes over Empire Records personal emails amal fights his inner demons.

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When you watch Empire 3 Episode 6, Lucious and Andre are forced to deal with a Hacker taking over Empire records. Thousands of employees personal emails are taken over and music is deleted. The hacker tries to blackmail Lucious into giving him a million dollars. Lucious and Andre assume that it is Gram, Tiana's ex-boyfriend who hacked into Empire. They go to his house with Shyne to teach him a lesson when they find all the emails on his computer. Meanwhile, Jamal is still coping with his PTSD and he has recently come off of the pain medication. He is experiencing withdrawals from the medication and has the shakes. Derek suggests that he start taking the medication again because he wants him to produce good music. In the end Jamal takes the pain medication when Derek comes over and spends the night. Derek wakes up to an unconcious Jamal who blacked out from mixing the pain medication and the alcohol. Cookie is starting to fall for Angelo as he is in the midst of his campaign for mayor. So, she decides that it would be best if they not see each other, but when she sees Angelo sticking up for her on TV, she admits her love for him.

Episode Details

On Empire Season 3 Episode 6, feuds break out between the artists and the Lyon family when Empire is hacked and Andre tries to use the leak to his advantage.

Rating: 3.4 / 5.0 (40 Votes)
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Empire Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Shyne is a definite suspect, but this is way too complicated for his ass and I don't like to put nothing past the FBI cause they love to play dirty.


Shyne: I guess what they say is true. The camera does add ten pounds.
Cookie: Well then what is your excuse fat ass?