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Vince and the boys attend Comic-Con to promote Aquaman, but are suprised when Drama is a big hit for his cult television show, Viking Quest.  Vince decides he can handle working with Mandy Moore, despite his previous relationship, until he has dinner plans with her and her new fiance.  Eric and Shauna works together to calm a jorunalist.  Drama gets a nice birthday present from Ari.

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Entourage Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Vince: Johnny, you're burnt to a crisp.
Drama: Nah, in another hour it will turn to a nice Maple syrupy brown

[discussing the RJ Spencer interview]
Shauna: Just look at the guy like a prom date. You buy him a corsage, he'll at least give you a hand job.
Turtle: Who the fuck wants a hand job?