Entourage Season 2

"The Abyss"

Ari is meeting clients at a coffee shop desperately trying to build a new client list.   After things go sour with Mandy, Vince meet...


While Vince is still madly in love with Mandy, she may beback with her ex.   Meanwhile, Ari's plan at the agency backfires on him. &...

"Blue Balls Lagoon"

Vince receives courting lessons from Terrance and a valuable gift from Ari as he prepares to celebrate Mandy's birthday. Shauna is upset...

"The Bat Mizvah"

Vince decides to pour his heart out to Mandy.   Ari's boss, Terrance, decides to return and puts the pressure on Ari.   Ari's d...

"I Love You Too"

Vince and the boys attend Comic-Con to promote Aquaman, but are suprised when Drama is a big hit for his cult television show, Viking Que...

"Oh, Mandy"

Vince's past relationship with his Aquman co-star, Mandy Moore, comes back to haunt him big time.   Ari gets bumped from his Top 40 ...

"The Sundance Kids"

Vince and the boys arrive at Sundance eager to screen "Queens Boulevard" to James Cameron.   Eric runs into Harvey Weingard, a studi...


The boys are strapped for cash so Ari gets Vince a gig in a foreign commercial.   Turtle tries to make his own money by entering an ...


Although no contract has been signed still on Aquaman, Variety runs a cover story about Vince being cast as Aquaman.   Ari and Eric ...

"An Offer Refused"

Vince still hasn't oficially signed a contract on Aquamna, but that doesn't stop him from spending his theoretical paychck on a new mansi...

"My Maserati Does 185"

Eric is bummed out that Kristin cancelled their date, but mood changes at a late night beach party the gang goes to.   Drama is self...

"The Boys are Back in Town"

Vince and the boys return from New York and Ari is already pushing for them to do a big studio project, Aquaman, but Vince isn't feeling ...

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Entourage Season 2 Quotes

Drama: Can I ask you a question?
Guy With Big Calves: Yeah, what?
Drama: Are those real, or are they implants?
Guy With Big Calves: What?
Drama: Your calves, bro.
Guy With Big Calves: What? Are you joking?
Drama: Okay, keep it to yourself. But if you tell me they're real, I ain't buyin it.

Ari: I thought the girlfriend was still in play.
Vince Aww, bad time of the month to come home.
Ari: Oh, you're like me.
Eric: Oh yea, how so?
Ari: I won't even fuck my wife after she plays tennis.