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The episode opened with the boys partying hard in New York to drown out their recent sorrows over Vince's career.  The next morning the guys gather in momma Chase's (Mercedes Ruehl) kitchen where she asks why Vince can't play the lead in Gus Van Sant's latest movie since Joaquin Phoenix dropped out.  Despite Ari telling E that Gus doesn't even want Vince to audition, E heads to Gus's office to get him an audition.  After waiting hours for the man, E finally gets to speak to Gus who tells him he's already seen all of Vince's work and isn't interested in working with him.  E tells him he'll get him his work from Smokejumpers takes.  Ari manages to get the footage by some miracle and sends it over to Gus.

After watching the footage, Gus calls Vince (through E) and tells him he likes the work and he's growing as an actor, but still isn't right for the part.  Vince is so embarassed by E's actions, he fires him and blames him for the downfall of his career.  E heads back to LA to work with his other client, Charlie, and manages to land his pilot a new home on a network.  Ari comes to visit Vince in New York to deliver him some very unexpected news.. Gus sent Martin Scorsese the Smoke Jumpers takes and Scorsese wants Vince to play one of the leads in his upcoming project.

The episode ends with Vince flying out to visit E in LA and asking him in person to be his manager again.  E accepts as soon as he hears Scorsese wants Vince in a movie and the gang pops in the office to suprise E.  Cute. 

Turtle, meanwhile, throughout the episode continued his relationship with Jamie Lynn Sigler over the phone in secret and she even told Drama on the phone that they're having sex (much to his shock!!).  Drama, despite his bad previous investments with his cousin Ronnie, decided to invest in a bar back home with the man.  The bar is called Johnny Drama's and we're guessing the scene for a lot of the action for season 6.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Ronnie: He's a degenerate gambler.
Drama: So why would I want to invest with him?
Ronnie: He's in the program now!

Drama: I'll give you tips on how to audition, bro.
Turtle: He needs tips on how to successfully audition!