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It's the night of the big premiere party of Vince's new movie, Gatsby, and all the guys are scrambling to get their dates.  E, despite having a cute neighbor he's slept with, Ashley (Alexis Dziena), ignores her subtle hints to ask her and  decides to take Sloan as friends.  Meanwhile, Drama grabs some random slutty girl from the clothing store, Turtle takes his girlfriend, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Vince grabs some drop dead gorgeous model.  Rough life for our boys.

At the office, Ari is trying to convince Andrew to bring his wife to the premiere so they can do it as a couples thing and the four of them can live happily ever after.  Ari makes a mani-pedi date for the girls to get to know each other before the big night.  Meanwhile, Ari notices that Andrew has gotten a little too close with a hot junior agent (Autumn Reeser) and even holds her hand during a meeting.  While the four of them are at the premiere, Andrew is obviously distracted and takes off to txt his little girlfriend.  A pissed off Ari heads out after him and Andrew admits to it and gets a verbal thrashing.

At the premiere, E manages to run into his neighbor, Ashley, who found her way to the premiere and acts a bit crazy when she meets Sloan.  E goes to tell Sloan how he feels and acts like an ass in front of her cousin.  He tells her he can't just be friends with her and she says then they can't be friends.  Back at the house, the guys rag on E until he decides to head over to Ashley's with her braclet she was looking for.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

At the end of the day, she' just another young girl trying to make a name for herself and you're just another old fuck that's going to need to take a pill to keep up with her

Ari [to Andrew about Lizzy]

Ari [leaving dinner]: You need some cash?
Mrs Ari: I am not a hooker.
Ari: Oh, but what a good one you would be!