It was Turtle's 30th birthday and his morning started off great with his mother calling to yell at him and call him a loser for his picture in People.  (He was wearing sneakers on the red carpet with Jamie).  In better news, Vince gave him the gift of racing four Ferraris on a test track.  Oh and giving Turtle a Ferrari after.  Turtle then goes home to find out Jamie bought him a Porsche.  Rather than being happy, all these things do is make Turtle feel like more of a loser.  He decides to push to start his limo service harder.  First by hitting up his useless cousin and then by going to Ari for advice on how to raise money.  Ari tells him in Ari fashion that he needs to come up with a business plan first.  Turtle decides to re-enroll in college for business classes and Drama offers to pay as his gift.

Meanwhile, Eric has own problems with the screening for Charlie's pilot come up and Ashley just camping out in his house.  The last straw is when Ashley watches his pilot and says Charlie sucks.  An infuriated Eric goes to meet with the network to basically hear the same thing.  They want Charlie off the show.  After Ari's advice, Eric goes in and tells off the network for taking Charlie off, even calling them a racist.  After re-watching the pilot with Ashley, he realizes that Charlie does in fact suck.  Rather than taking producer credit on the show, Eric decides to withdraw from the show without Charlie's involvement.  Stupid face.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

E [about Lloyd]: What are you doing to the guy?
Ari: I'm making him a man. Do you remember when I made you one?

Turtle: I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute.
Ari: Talk to me about what?
Turtle: Career advice.
Ari: For who?
Turtle: For me...
Ari But you don't have a career.