Vince wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a strange sound coming from downstairs, finding one of his doors open.  When Arnold does nothing, Vince calls the cops and decided he needs to take security seriously.  Ari recommends Vinnie bring in his security guys, but the boys instead to pick up some guns.  When the jackasses play with their new toys at home, Drama ends up shooting a door and the guys opt for the security crew.

Meanwhile, E begins his first day at Murray's office and instantly finds himself at home when Murray says he wants the firm to land Bob Saget, who E, of course, knows from previously being neighbors with him.  As a result, he sees some resistence and competition from fellow manager, Scotty, who's been trying to land Saget for months.  E manages to get Bob to come in and tries to help Scotty land the account, but Bob only wants to deal with him.  He's willing to sign with E under one condition... he can nail his girl in Murray's office.  Murray agrees and congratulates Eric on a great first day.  We're also introduced to E's hot new assistant at the office played by Kate Mara.

The episode, however, definitely belonged to Drama, as evident by the title.  Drama spent the episode desperately trying to get back on the studio's lot, only to find out that Coakley gave direct orders not to let him in.  Eventually he bribed the security guy with a gift basket that included three iPods, but most importantly, cupcakes from Sprinkles.  When Drama finally gets in front of Coakley, he begs for forgiveness but tries to record Coakley repeating his lines about Jamie Lynn.  He realizes Drama is wearing a "wire" and exposes him.  In the end, Coakley tells him he's not going to fire him due to resistance, but instead will just torture him.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Scotty: Every time you turn around, any time, any place, you will be look at this
Bob Saget: That's just what I want to look at when I'm sniffing a line of blow off her ass. Your fucking face.

Eric: How are you Bob?
Bob Saget [about girlfriend]: I'm almost as good as she looks but not nearly as good as she tastes
Girlfriend: Aww, you're so sweet Bob