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Vince shaves his head without consulting Cassavetes and lies to E about it.  After a disastrous Ferrari press interview that even Shauna can't save, Cassavetes calls Ari.  He's not pissed that Vince trashed their movie during the interview... only that his star got his head shaved when there's reshoots to do.

Ari continues to try and seal the NFL television rights when he manages to get a meeting with Jerry Jones.  Lizzie turns out to be invaluable during the meeting and at making Mrs. Gold jealous.  In the end, Jerry calls and they're going to keep the rights internally, but they want Ari to go to the next managers' meeting... and start his own Los Angeles team.

Turtle continues to stalk to the girl he fired when he finds out she charged $10,000 to Tiffany's.  Turns out it was Tiffany's mistake and she really only charged $1,000 for a necklace he told her to buy for his mother.  Whoops.

Vince convinces E to read script for Drama, who hires the little Irish man as his manager.  E decides not of these scripts are right for Drama and that they should create something just for him.

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Entourage Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

You have three kids from three different men. You've slept with everyone's ex.


You're a really good brother. I'm glad you didn't die.